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Though these examples were meant to be demonstrations of the mensurations discussed in the treatise, they actually failed to support the message Ravenscroft was providing in his writing--the necessity to return to traditional mensuration practices.
Traditionally, the term "Forest Inventory" has been used in a comprehensive sense covering applications of all associated technical disciplines like Forest Mensuration, Statistics and Remote Sensing (Spurr 1952, Loetsch and Haller 1964).
Mensuration is one of the procedures used especially to improve accuracy in target location and size.
Data about merchantable volume in age classes of five years is available from the Mensuration and Growth Tables (MGT) of the main tree species of the Czech Republic [3], where the left part of the tables represents the mensuration tables plus indicating the basic stand characteristics of the present stands and the right part of the tables is the growth table itself.
The studies included in this special issue of Infodesign point to a specific design theme addressed from various scientific and academic backgrounds, in which the book--as a cultural artifact--and its mensuration became a central topic of interest and reflection,
1987) compared mensuration of vertebral canal size of chondrodystrophic dogs and non-chondrodystrophic dogs and inferred that the spinal cord of non-chondrodystrophic dogs occupied a lesser cross sectional area of the vertebral canal than did the spinal cord of Dachshunds and subarachnoid and epidural spaces were less in Dachshunds than the other group.
Radtke is an associate professor of forest biometrics with the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), where he teaches forest mensuration, including complex sampling and measurement applications.
Intrada" begins with a mensuration canon (the same melody in all four voices, all moving at different speeds) in a style reminiscent of Ockeghem, first loud, then stopped.
New ISR collection methods using time-stamped signal, electronic, electro-optical infrared, and other data will allow rapid target mensuration and prosecution of time-critical targets.
Within the next 30- 45 days, all CAT aspirants must get a firm grip the Quantitative Ability section, which covers Arithmetic, Basic Algebra, Geometry and Mensuration, Modern Math and interpretation of tables, bars and pie charts, routes and networks.
CTC Excalibur training does not offer experience in solving problem sets that deployed units encounter, such as airspace coordination, tactical employment, collateral damage estimate (CDE) concerns, ballistic impact point (BIP) consideration, target location, and the mensuration of 10-digit grids.
The accounting had not suitably accompanied those changes and the accounting texts did not present discussions on techniques, procedures or properties of the mensuration of productivity.