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Conformement au << systeme Bertillon >> (21), les nomades furent photographies, et on prit leurs mensurations et leurs empreintes digitales.
If so, the method can easily degenerate into a one-off procedure that is isolated in its use from the other components of the whole topic on Mensuration.
Acquiring 10-digit grid and training target mensuration should be included in the PGK training plan.
By 1861 algebra was taught in only four national schools in the colony, mensuration in two, geometry in five, Latin in five and French in four.
For target mensuration and collateral damage estimation, it is important that all artillerymen and air defense artillerymen understand the effects that culture, people and civilian factors have on the targeting process.
Bottom trawls were 30-min duration once the trawl settled on bottom (as determined by net mensuration systems or trawl descent rate charts).
The accounting had not suitably accompanied those changes and the accounting texts did not present discussions on techniques, procedures or properties of the mensuration of productivity.
In October 1962, at the age of 24, Henry Tschinkel arrived as professor of forest mensuration, forest exploitation (logging), forest management, watershed management, and hydrology in the IICA's Forestry Department.
Nomenclature and mensuration primarily follow Stahnke (1970), with the following exceptions: metasomal carinal terminology after Francke (1977), pedipalp carinae terminology after Acosta et al.
Law said DCGS-N is user-friendly and provides a significant improvement in imagery processing and geocoordinate point mensuration.
Measurement, justice, aspects of literacy and mensuration and their role in the broader intellectual culture in the ancient Near East provide compelling backdrop to our understanding of role, status, and perception of mathematics, including the fascinating thesis that, based on praise poems from Sumerian literature describing the goddess Nisaba, literacy was regarded as subservient to mensuration (pp.