mental ability

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In order to understand the foundations upon which key psychological concepts and educational theories have been developed, then, it is helpful to understand how mind, mental ability, and learning were understood prior to the emergence of psychology as a formal discipline.
This man is living proof that mental ability, physical fitness and independence can be maintained and improved into our senior years.
Adams has shown further evidence of deficits in general mental ability as well as verbal performance.
He believed technical skill was a result of mental ability, and he advocated the creation of a "mental picture" of one's playing actions.
The researchers speculated that greater mental ability might promote better coping ability in the face of adversity, but we've all seen our share of smart people who have trouble coping with a common cold.
Martek Biosciences (which makes Neuromins) funded a study of DHA and mental ability in healthy people in the 1990s, but the research was never published.
One should give young people some credit, though: they may have more imagination, curiosity, and mental ability than is being engaged by the contemporary educational system.
Another misconception is that the mental ability of older individuals with Down syndrome declines.
ABSTRACT: Personality and mental ability measures were administered to 27 pairs of children in Sri Lanka who do, or do not, claim memories of a previous life.
Now add another unpleasant effect--risk of decline in mental ability.
A new study published in the journal Neurology by doctors from the University of Hawaii has concluded that anti-oxidants such as vitamins C and E may help preserve mental ability later in life.
Steele of Stanford University has found that black college students score worse than their white counterparts on standardized tests when informed that they're taking tests of intelligence but not when told that they're completing problems unrelated to general mental ability.