mental ability

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The results did not directly implicate hearing loss as the cause of mental ability, but more studies are indicating an attempt to link hearing loss to brain damage.
Thus, we can say that mental ability is somehow related to learning process.
The 24-year-old prince said at times he has questioned if he has the mental ability to get through the "intense" flying courses he is undertaking.
They performed poorly in tests of their general mental ability, and vocabulary.
synonyms: intelligent, clever, and brilliant mean having a good amount of mental ability. intelligent is used of a person who can handle new situations and solve problems.
Declining physical and mental ability through age does not have to be inevitable.
"The programme plays an important role in developing students' skills, creativity and mental ability to deal with numbers at a high speed and with accuracy.
Today's communities are diverse in composition, not only ethnically, but also in matters of age, sexual preference, physical and mental ability. However, as different as we all are, there are certain common threads that bind us all together.
Noise levels were measured, and compared with the results from mental ability tests and health questionnaires.
Research: An observational study was conducted in subjects born in 1936 whose mental ability was tested in 1947.
Alcohol may also reduce the risk of the small strokes that can damage mental ability as people age.
General mental ability was related to extrinsic career success, but not to intrinsic career success.