mental acuteness

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As early as 1864, Hopkins was trying to define that "great, abnormal in fact, mental acuteness, either energetic or receptive, according as the thoughts which arise in it seem generated by a stress and action of the brain" (Carres., 1: 67-68).
[UKPRwire, Fri Apr 25 2014] Consumer preferences keep moving towards beverages that are perceived as healthy and functional, prompting manufacturers to increase their variety of RTD teas, using different types of tea such as black, white, green and red whilst adding functional ingredients (vitamins, extracts, botanicals) that enhance the most popular benefits of tea such as antioxidant, calming, energy, slimming and mental acuteness. The combination of lighter flavour (less sweet), low-calorie formulation, popular and...
Competence at demanding skills that few can master is especially good, and competence at demanding skills that involve mental acuteness, craft, and concentration is best.
Excessive [CO.sub.2] exposure can cause headaches, tiredness, and decrease in mental acuteness, and it increases the risk of sudden infant death (Corbyn, 1992).
Collins was already strong-minded, but Roach helped him develop an even greater mental acuteness which made him one of the most respected performers around.