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Thus, the EG obtained a similar performance, showing no statistical difference compared to the CG1, which was paired by mental age (Table 2).
As with children and the mentally retarded, mental age is not the result of a failure to abide by an expected standard, but an incapacity to evaluate and comprehend it.
Anyway, this mental age business is something the lawyers in Governor Bush's trigger-happy Texas only seem to be getting around to now.
The court had been told the teen had an accident when she was a toddler and had been left with a mental age of five or six.
They were charged after Mr Collins who has the mental age of a six-year-old, failed to return to the home following a trip to a centre in W alsall.
The Swansea inquest has heard severely autistic Andrew Cunningham of Bryn Morfa, Bridgend, who had a mental age of six, died after the glove caused a stomach rupture, allowing toxic material into his bloodstream.
Six years ago, solicitors acting for Straffen called for his case to be reopened, saying that he should not have stood trial, as he had a mental age of nine and a half.
To keep Mrs Newman from wandering at night Dr Kalyani suggested her son Paul, 41, who has the mental age of a nine-year-old, lock the door.
Leighanne Arkley, who is 14 but is said to have a mental age of seven, left her class at Windlestone School, near Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, at 1.
Colin McNab, defending, said McComb had learning difficulties that meant that at age 15 she only had a mental age of nine.
Police said Michael, who has a mental age of an 11-year-old, was extremely vulnerable.
Deemed to have a mental age of six, Julie was not allowed to enter a plea, even though she has consistently protested her innocence.