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The same result was verified for the no designation of images (ND) and the correct naming of images (DUW), that is, GE had a similar performance, without a statistically significant difference compared to the CG1, paired by the mental age; however, it had a statistically significant inferior performance when compared to the CG2, group paired by chronological age.
Although mental age seems a straightforward way to apply the fourteen-year-old rule today, the approach faces several challenges.
Anyway, this mental age business is something the lawyers in Governor Bush's trigger-happy Texas only seem to be getting around to now.
Defence for Evans urged Judge Hickey to consider youth sentencing guidelines due to Evans mental age and the activity happened in the context of a relationship.
The court heard how Bundy, since his release from prison, had ensured he did not come into contact with children but it was claimed that in drink he sexually assaulted a vulnerable young woman aged 19, who had the mental age of a child aged between 12 and 14, on two occasions.
To keep Mrs Newman from wandering at night Dr Kalyani suggested her son Paul, 41, who has the mental age of a nine-year-old, lock the door.
Leighanne Arkley, who is 14 but is said to have a mental age of seven, left her class at Windle-stone School, near Newton Ayc-liffe, County Durham, at 1.45pm on Tuesday.
Colin McNab, defending, said McComb had learning difficulties that meant that at age 15 she only had a mental age of nine.
Police said Michael, who has a mental age of an 11-year-old, was extremely vulnerable.
Miss Ferris, from Aston, has always maintained her innocence, but was judged mentally unfit to take part in her trial at Birmingham Crown Court in June 2000 after being deemed to have a mental age of six.
Julie Ferris, 31, from Aston,Birmingham, has always protested her innocence but was refused the chance to defend herself after a court ruled she had the mental age of six.
Evans, who had the mental age of a child, had been living at 10 Rillington Place in London, next to John Reginald Christie who was later discovered to be a serial killer and sexual psychopath.