mental agony

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Meanwhile, the lord of the beleaguered and endangered castle lay upon a bed of bodily pain and mental agony. He had not the usual resource of bigots in that superstitious period, most of whom were wont to atone for the crimes they were guilty of by liberality to the church, stupefying by this means their terrors by the idea of atonement and forgiveness; and although the refuge which success thus purchased, was no more like to the peace of mind which follows on sincere repentance, than the turbid stupefaction procured by opium resembles healthy and natural slumbers, it was still a state of mind preferable to the agonies of awakened remorse.
Although I had not heard the outcome of her interview with Zat Arras I knew that something had occurred then to cause her the keenest mental agony, and when I discovered her creeping from the palace I did not need to be told her destination.
'The mental agony I have suffered, during the last two days, wrings from me the avowal to you of a passion which, as you well know, is not one of yesterday, nor one I have lightly formed.
Mr Mantalini, who had doubtless well considered his part, no sooner heard these words pronounced in a tone of grief and severity, than he recoiled several paces, assumed an expression of consuming mental agony, rushed headlong from the room, and was, soon afterwards, heard to slam the door of an upstairs dressing-room with great violence.
Just before dawn he succumbed to the stress of mental agony, and fell asleep on his mattress like a man who has been beaten; but by eight o'clock the son was at the point of death, and I ran to wake the father.
Students while talking this scribe on Monday said that they had visited NTS office for resolving their issues but the staff sitting on two computer systems seemed totally uninterested in addressing the same which added to their mental agony and time lose.
The world can not estimate the physical and mental agony of Kashmiris.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 20 (ANI): The counsel for Sunanda Pushkar on Tuesday told a Delhi court that prior to her death, she was suffering from mental agony following a scuffle with her husband, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.
'The common men are facing mental agony as the inflation has not only hit them hard but also buried them alive,' Sattar added.
According to the notice shared by Nighat Dad, a member of Shafi's legal team on Twitter, the statements made by Zafar have 'injured the reputation of our client' and 'adversely affected our client's honour and caused mental agony and anguish'.
The SPSC reserves the right to change the examination centre, but keeping in view the candidates' financial and mental agony, it should reconsider its decision.
RAWALPINDI -- About 500 female teachers transferred from other districts of Punjab have been put in mental agony by the education department Rawalpindi by not posting them in government schools despite court's orders.