mental agony

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Meanwhile, the lord of the beleaguered and endangered castle lay upon a bed of bodily pain and mental agony.
Although I had not heard the outcome of her interview with Zat Arras I knew that something had occurred then to cause her the keenest mental agony, and when I discovered her creeping from the palace I did not need to be told her destination.
The mental agony I have suffered, during the last two days, wrings from me the avowal to you of a passion which, as you well know, is not one of yesterday, nor one I have lightly formed.
Mr Mantalini, who had doubtless well considered his part, no sooner heard these words pronounced in a tone of grief and severity, than he recoiled several paces, assumed an expression of consuming mental agony, rushed headlong from the room, and was, soon afterwards, heard to slam the door of an upstairs dressing-room with great violence.
Just before dawn he succumbed to the stress of mental agony, and fell asleep on his mattress like a man who has been beaten; but by eight o'clock the son was at the point of death, and I ran to wake the father.
Practices such as black magic, spells, sorcery, wizardry and other sifli amliyaat, which are offensive to human dignity and life are prevalent these days, and also result in severe financial exploitation and mental agony for victims.
The motorists are going through a mental agony when traffic remains blocked at almost all road of the city including Murree Road, Liaquat Road, College Road, Raja Bazaar, Marrir Hassan, Tench Bhatta, Mall Road and other link roads of the city.
He appealed to the chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan to take a suo-motu notice of this issue so that hundreds of thousands of aspirant applicants could be saved from mental agony.
He appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take a suo moto notice of this issue so that hundreds of thousands of aspirant Hajjis could be saved from mental agony.
I have suffered immense mental agony for endless time before gathering courage to lodge complaint against them at the Itanagar women police station, said the victim.
The counsel has further added that his client is entitled for the following amounts for defamation due to publication which are quantified as under Damages on account of Loss of Reputation Rs500 million; damages for mental agony, torture and physical harassment Rs500 million.