mental balance

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"Rajiv Gandhi ji passed away years ago, talking about him and that too during elections shows Modi ji has lost mental balance. He needs medical treatment, he says he only gets to sleep for 3 to 4 hours.
The Chief Minister was there only for a week, thereafter he lost his mental balance and is speaking nonsense wherever he has gone after that," said Yeddyurappa.
' SP national spokesman Ram Gopal Yadav said Alvi has lost his mental balance and urgently needs medical attention
Praveen Davar, AICC secretary and chairman of the party's exservicemen cell, slammed General Singh, alleging that he was playing havoc with the system on the eve of his retirement and accused him of losing mental balance.
Gaddafi has lost both Libya and his mental balance?PAGE 8
He was admitted in the hospital after he lost his mental balance.
Mishra further asserted that the SP-BSP alliance has rattled the morale of the BJP leaders and that they have lost their mental balance in fear of losing the coming elections.
There is only one information has so far received by the Ansar Burney Trust that most of the crew members are became mentally sick and some lost their mental balance and no other information on the condition of the crew and the vessel was not registered with MSCHOA (Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa)) at the time of hijacking, according to EU NAVFOR (European Union Naval Force) Public Affairs Office, he further informed.
It is more about harassment, about disrupting someone's mental balance.
Minister of State for Petroleum Jitin Prasada said in state capital Patna yesterday: "Yadav, by making such a personal attack against Rahul Gandhi, appears to have lost his mental balance, rather he has gone insane."
Ansar Burney said the three months sentence is now become an illegal sentence of almost 13 years and since then he is in illegal custody, where he has lost his mental balance to some extent due to long detention.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 7 (ANI): Minister of State (MoS) for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla on Tuesday cornered Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his earlier remark on women's safety, and claimed that the latter has "lost his mental balance."