mental balance

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Only a person who has lost his mental balance can make such remark," Mukarram told ANI.
And 2016 looks set to be the year of focusing on mental balance.
Divorce has many negative effects and consequences; Divorce is a mental phenomenon which affects not only the mental balance of parents, but also of children, relatives and friends [12].
According to a report from the psychiatric section of a local hospital, the teen lost her mental balance at the age of two due to a car accident.
On the other hand, she suggests practicing the "Tools of the Spirit"--appreciation, compassion, enthusiasm and creation--to create positive mental balance.
The spiritual meaning of the number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically “lighting” our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance.
You also need to keep a good mental balance -- don't panic but equally don't be stubborn -- as several players have done their brains with a typing mistake.
I'm happy with the patience and the mental balance I've kept these first two days - for example shooting a double bogey today and birdieing the next as if it never happened.
It's a tough one, but I'm very happy with the patience and then the mental balance that I've managed to keep these first two days, to leave with a double bogey (on the sixth), and go up and birdie the next and pretend it never happened.
It can make the world a beautiful place to live, You can't see it, yet to others you want to give, Like an earthquake it can make the ground shake, It makes you gasp, your breath it can take, It's not an illness nor some disease, it can affect your mental balance Makes you dizzy and want to dance and sing It makes you walk tall, you're a Queen, you are a King.
Lahore: Twenty out of 36 Indian prisoners lodged in Lahore's infamous Kot Lakhpat jail, where Sarabjit Singh was fatally attacked, have lost their mental balance and not been taken to any hospital for proper medical care, an India-Pakistan judicial panel has found.
A minimum of eight hours of night sleep is required in order to achieve mental balance and optimal cognitive performance.