mental balance

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Keeping one's mental balance when the earth is heaving beneath one's feet, she says, really comes down to "having the personal vigor to get on with it.
Using the data accumulated with the new method, the company has developed Mental Balance, a fabric series that helps improve the levels of relaxation and awakening.
Thirty minutes of Body for Life for Women Workout is devoted to a fitness routine; the rest is packed with solid guidelines for improving fitness, fostering a healthy mental balance, and retuning one's lifestyle toward greater well-being.
Zircon Gomedh Dragon's node Good for mental balance, relaxation and emotional stability.
On top of getting you fit, running gives you a mental balance.
With the bond of matrimony severed (and resolution to double-consciousness undone) by Orlean's return to the East, Baptiste becomes consumed with the fear that he would "lose his mental balance unless he journey to Chicago and see his wife" (287).
If a person is kept in this condition, if an animal is kept in this condition, he loses mental balance and this is what they're doing to my son,' he said.
Losing her mental balance again was never on the agenda.
Moreover, music can spur to action and lead to the strengthening of the whole being, just as it can undermine mental balance and lead to degeneration.
There was a lot of sniping going on and Fiona said she was hanging on to her mental balance by a thread.
It doesn't take much to disrupt a professional golfer's mental balance on the course, so when David Berganio Jr.
The reader familiar with Mumford's writings may remember his theories regarding humankind's recent preoccupation with technology at the expense of cultural expression and mental balance.