mental constitution

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There is the whole difference between the mental constitution of the sexes, which no legislation will ever alter as long as the world lasts
Besides, it was the fault of Tom's mental constitution that his faculties could not be nourished on the sort of knowledge Mr.
But whether it's Eileen's strong mental constitution or the effect of LMTX, day-to-day life for Eileen and her husband David is pretty normal for a retired couple.
Belief is a person's strongest pillar, because it encapsulates our personality, entity and even mental constitution.
I think that those of a stable mental constitution are able to process right from wrong and can find entertainment in all sorts of media, whether it's violent or non-violent, but understand that it is just that; it is part of this fantasy realm.
I felt it was always the right thing for her because she's hardy and has got the right mental constitution for it.
Homeopathic remedies can be used to manage withdrawal symptoms, while constitutional remedies support the physical and mental constitution of the patient.
At this point, the cliffhanger question becomes: is the reader's mental constitution tough enough to stand the suspense?
stemmed from the medieval sense of humours: "In medieval physiology: The combination of the four cardinal humours of the body, by the relative proportion of which the physical and mental constitution were held to be determined" (OED).
Mount Everest could be ascended by a man of excellent physical and mental constitution in first-rate training, without adventitious aids [bottled oxygen] if the physical difficulties of the mountain are not too great,' he concluded in a speech to the Royal Geographical Society in 1920.
We can transform our mental constitution through an Ayurvedic sattvic diet and lifestyle, healthy routines, and yogic disciplines such as hatha yoga, pranayama, mantra repetition, and meditation.