mental cultivation

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I assert that a state of public feeling which does practically place physical training, in its estimation, above moral and mental training, is a positively bad and dangerous state of feeling in this, that it encourages the inbred reluctance in humanity to submit to the demands which moral and mental cultivation must inevitably make on it.
As to mental cultivation,--she had a clear, strong, active mind, was well and thoroughly read in history and the older English classics, and thought with great strength within certain narrow limits.
Also on till October is the Hall of Mental Cultivation of The Palace Museum - Imperial Residence of Eight Emperors exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Walpola Rahula, the Buddha's use of the term bhavana, in its fullest sense, means "mental cultivation" - not just "meditation." Bhavana aims at cleansing the mind of impurities and disturbances, such as lustful desires, hatred, ill-will, indolence, worries, restlessness, and skeptical doubts.
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