mental decay

See: insanity
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Ten years earlier his life had been darkened by the mental decay of his sister and the death of Coleridge; and other personal sorrows now came upon him.
It has also been proven that games can actually slow the mental ageing process by delaying mental decay.
His own wife even wrote that Rudolf "suffered more and more from nervous unrest and from violent temper, culminating in what was tantamount to complete mental decay.
For amid the physical and mental decay, the tedium, the uncertainty and the meaningless of existence, there is compassion and no small amount of humour.
Is it inevitable or can the mental decay of age be avoided?
In her place, Bombeck would have blamed the oversight on mental decay caused by encroaching menopause--at 31--and would have hidden the evidence by eating all the muffins herself.
Even then, you will eventually need your frontal lobes capped to prevent further mental decay.
Despite the continuing controversy over smoking, the concerns about mental decay and moral corruption voiced by opponents of cigarettes early in this century seem quaint and fanciful today.