mental derangement

See: insanity
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Unhappiness, almost mental derangement, was visible on his mobile, rather handsome face, while without even noticing Anna's coming in, he went on hurriedly and hotly expressing his views.
My landlady is subject to some slight attacks of mental derangement,' remarked Bob Sawyer, with a ghastly smile; 'I fear I must give her warning.
If he still advertised for his son he did not offer rewards for information any more; for, with the muddled lucidity of a mental derangement he had reasoned himself into a conviction as clear as day- light that he had already attained all that could be expected in that way.
He has accomplishments to boast of - the tax reform that defied his predecessors, a booming stock market, jobs growth and judicial appointments that are reshaping the US courts system - but they have often been overshadowed by the perceptions of chaos and even mental derangement contained in Wolff's book.
This is a mental issue, mental derangement, but it was tied to a dispute over intellectual property," the police said.
If an individual wishes to end his life on his own terms, rather than slide into unspeakable pain or mental derangement, that is properly his choice--and, if he makes that choice, it is, however tragic his circumstances, one by which as his final act he affirms the value of his life.
23) In the latter essay, Kant proposes a general threefold typology of mental derangement on account of the disorder of each of the three mental capacities:
e inquest had heard from his GP, Dr E P Davies, who agreed that "shell-shock sometimes left a man in a state of mental derangement.
Certainly all people who work have some stress influencing them so they encounter with mental derangement and anxiety because of occupational, organizational, social, promotion and salary changes.
a leg, an eye, an ear, the brain, a lung--is injured only if it cannot accomplish its specific function, which is the function needed 'in any foreseeable future for any man' (Foot, 2002, 90); there is a mental derangement if a mental process--e.
There's no preventing the interior madhouse some people can sink into, their dark mental derangement once in a while bringing awful consequences to others.
4 For treatment of a family member in case of hospitalisation lasting a month or more, diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement and heart ailment, or a major surgery.