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Shakha Proshakha (1990): Out of 11 true symptoms, approximately 7 correct symptoms for General mental disorder owing to physical injury were indicated; 4 crucial symptoms were missed out and close to 2 symptoms were consistently misrecognized.
BEIRUT: A new, landmark mental health program will train a quarter of doctors and nurses at primary health care centers around Lebanon in treating mental disorders by September next year, the national director of mental health said.
Unfortunately, many doctors are not sufficiently educated in, have the training in, or have the time to conduct a thorough psychiatric or psychological evaluation of a young patient who may be suffering from a mental disorder.
Women with common mental disorders should need a comprehensive clinical evaluation to find health related behaviors that could deteriorate the course of mental disorder.
Nearly 41 percent of mental disorder and/ or substance abuse-related visits resulted in hospitalization.
To examine the association between common mental disorders and obesity (body mass index of over 530) across adulthood, researchers studied a group of 10 166 civil servants aged between 35 and 55 over 19 years.
8% of participants were diagnosed with a common mental disorder before the age of 18 (8.
In order to test whether the association between mental disorders and safety outcomes varies across hospitals, we finally estimated random-coefficient models where the effect of mental disorder on patient safety outcome was specified as a random coefficient and allowed to vary across hospitals.
The findings indicated that 58 percent of children were screened positive for at least one mental disorder - anxiety, generalised anxiety and phobias.
Study author Mark Ferro said, "These findings show that risk for mental disorder is relatively the same among children with different physical conditions".