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State: Florida

Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask this question but life and logic in general fails me sometimes due to a serious TBI from 23 months ago. Let me provide a little history. Florida no motorcycle helmet required, tried to avoid an accident with a car , hit a community style mailbox, three skull fractures 5 hematomas, over three weeks in a comma, three month re-habilitation hospital many other injuries. I have recovered a lot better than the original prognosis indicated. Diagnosed with Sever TBI. Occurred 10/2003.
Skip to 7/2005. Truck accident about 4:30 PM when passenger was crawling around vehicle and I was trying to get him to settle down and buckle up, drifted off road lost control hit guardrail was wearing my seatbelt. Airbag and window caused small open cut on my forehead. Police questioned me extensively at the scene and at the hospital. I remember vividly the moments leading up to the accident well. I don't remember a lot of the questioning in detail following the accident for several hours or even the next day very well. I generally don't have extensive memory problems day to day. However my memory, balance obviously I was quite shaken from the immediate trauma of the accident. In my mind I am questioning the extent the mild "concussion" if that is what it is considered could have possibly had on my immediate ability communicate cognitively and handle my responses. I was arrested 6 weeks later after blood draw showed high BAC. I do not recall specifically consenting to blood draw and other things I reportedly was told. I have a current attorney and things are getting down to the wire. Is it possible to file a motion for inadmissibility of blood draw and statements made prior to arrest based on my documented neurological disorders?


Yes you can--your current attorney should certainly make an attempt.
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"People suffering mental disorders drop out from the labour market for a wide range of reasons.
In this case, primary care givers are often the unsung heroes in coping with both mental illness in their wards and relatives, in addition to the stigma that attends to mental disorder. So, if the family and and accompanying caregivers can get accurate information about the causes of and treatments for mental disorders, they will be able to recognize and discount outmoded, prejudiced beliefs from friends who think mental issues are spiritual or demonic, as well as flippancies from some half-baked professionals.
Riziki said lack of awareness on mental health has greatly contributed to stigma, as people with a mental disorder are said to have been bewitched or are mad.
Results of study are comparable to a previous such study done in Karachi, Pakistan, where 71.8% of general practitioners reported 10% mental disorder patients out of total workload and another 10.3% reported the workload to be 11-25%7.
Researchers know that, for example, noise, air pollution, infections and poor socio-economic conditions increase the risk of developing a mental disorder. Conversely, other studies have shown that more green space in the local area creates greater social cohesion and increases people's physical activity level and that it can improve children's cognitive development.
Prevalence estimates of maternal mental disorders, adolescent mental health service use, and sector-specific treatment delays after first onset of any mental disorder are described in Table 2.
In the mental disorder group, cadres move people with mental disorders to take group activity therapy by nurses who are held biweekly with the aim of motivating and encouraging people with mental disorders to attend group activity therapy.
The social-political situation is also a reason behind the increase in mental disorders,' he said.
Youths, especially boys aged between 14-25, have been observed to be more prone to mental disorder," Bhargava added.
Unfortunately, most mental disorder patients do not get the treatment and care that they need.Depression is common among the youth as most of them feel that they are not supported by people around them.
A nosological diagnosis of the type of mental disorder due to ICD-10: anxiety disorder, mixed anxiety and depressive disorder (F40-F42); dissociative disorder, somatoform disorders, stress-related disorder (F43); somatoform disorders (F44, F45, F48); eating disorder (F50); specific personality disorders (F60); other mental disorders (affective disorder F30 and schizotypal disorder F20).