mental dissociation

See: lunacy
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Research has demonstrated that 70 per cent of prostituted women and girls suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as depression, anxiety and mental dissociation.
A questionnaire survey of Australian university students addressed the relation between the OBE and nonpathological dissociation (psychological absorption), pathological mental dissociation, and pathological somatoform dissociation.
Thus, although somatoform dissociation may be pathological, it seems to be both qualitatively (phenomenologically) and quantitatively distinct from pathological mental dissociation.
An investigation of the relation between the OBE and dissociative tendencies therefore should take due account of somatoform dissociation in addition to both pathological mental dissociation (henceforth referred to simply as pathological dissociation) and nonpathological dissociation (psychological absorption).