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The precise knowledge on the variations in the position, shape, and the size of the mental foramen and the presence of the accessory mental foramen would be of much use for dental surgeons while they do surgical procedures on the mandible, such as the curettage of the premolars, filling procedures, dental implants, root canal treatments and orthognathic surgeries.
Dental anthropologic studies of the origin and the variation of the human dentitions, is a useful tool because the physical anthropologist relies upon the mental foramen in the identification of species, races and determining age.
Radiographic images of the mental foramen and the borders of the mandible, orbits and zygomatic process of the maxillae should be distinct.
The measurements of the foramina area are used in some classifications to determine which AMF could be classified as double mental foramen or accessory mental foramen according to size.
Mental foramen, maxillary sinus etc] and increase the surface area for restorative support.
5 M (5) Mental foramen (6) (n = 15) (10-80) F (10) Lower lip (3) Buccal mucosa (2) Tongue (2) Hard/soft palate (2) Solitary 31.