mental giant

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In short, you don't have to devise exercise routines that only a mental giant could comprehend.
Our mental giant -- a labor relations teacher at a local college -- was in silver bracelets before the champagne went flat.
The 18th century saw a remarkable intellectual flowering called The Scottish Enlightenment, which produced such mental giants as the philosopher David Hume, the economic thinker Adam Smith and the inventor James Watt.
Although no mental giants, they are not shallow, and there is something charming about the delight they take in exploring one another.
The intended victim was pumping gasoline into his car when the mental giants approached and made their demand.
Of 50 state governors, not too many of whom qualify as mental giants, only Jesse Ventura could be conned into the broadcast booth, where he made a bigger fool of himself than he has been able to make in the governor's mansion, and he's done quite well in St.
And the lesser developed (lizard's are mental giants by comparison) primitive brain.