mental giant

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"The Temple of Issus is to the therns what the Valley Dor is imagined by the peoples of the outer world to be to them; it is the ultimate haven of peace, refuge, and happiness to which they pass after this life and wherein an eternity of eternities is spent amidst the delights of the flesh which appeal most strongly to this race of mental giants and moral pygmies."
I think it was the former mental giant, manager of the Dodgers who once pronounced, "Nice guys finish last." There are certainly many nice guys left on the educational scene - and political - someone will always be left behind.
PAT RILEY, on the ultimate failure of Howard Cosell: "Howard was a mental giant but he never realized in always telling it like it is, he never made anything better."
It takes a real mental giant to lose money on a successful bank robbery, but this dude had the talent.
Translating a mischievous mental giant like Borges is especially tricky.
The mental giant Marilyn Vos Savant recently answered a reader in Parade who wanted to know why everything we did ended with ourselves worse off than before.
"It doesn't take a mental giant to realize that it's a good idea to take on a new line that's being backed by $10 million to $40 million in advertising--so who needs a buying committee?