mental grasp

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So it was, when we moved to San Francisco into four wretched rooms in the slum south of Market Street, that he embarked upon the adventure with the joy and enthusiasm of a child--combined with the clear sight and mental grasp of an extraordinary intellect.
"That is touching another great and much disputed question," exclaimed the Doctor, who seized upon every distinct idea that the ardent and somewhat dogmatic old man left exposed to his mental grasp, with the vain hope of inducing a logical discussion, in which he might bring his battery of syllogisms to annihilate the unscientific defences of his antagonist.
Instinctively she paused before the arched window, and looked out upon the street, in order to seize its permanent objects with her mental grasp, and thus to steady herself from the reel and vibration which affected her more immediate sphere.
A philanthropy that sacrifices the minority of the present-day for the majority constituting posterity, completely evades his mental grasp, and Nietzsche's philosophy, because it declares Christian values to be a danger to the future of our kind, is therefore shelved as brutal, cold, and hard (see Note on Chapter XXXVI.).
'This seems to have escaped the mental grasp of many who jump on what they want and that is a manufactured controversy.
Quite simply, technology is the turning into practice a human society's mental grasp of its natural world.
He compensates with a quick first step, strong fundamentals and a good mental grasp for what the opposition is trying to do through film study and being coached up.
The aliens transport the Saints to a bizarre Steelport simulation, giving players the chance to wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak's mental grasp. Escape the simulation or die trying.
After a catastrophic alien invasion, where the aliens transport the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation, you've got to fight to free humanity from the alien granddaddy, Zinyak's, mental grasp by utilising gargantuan superpowers.
3A Scrimmages, or practice plays, help improve performance by providing players with a vivid mental grasp of the team's coordinated action for every play, and each player's specific role in those plays.
She tries fleeing his mental grasp but keeps coming back, either because he exerts a fresh mind pull, or of her own volition.
This makes the metropolis difficult to map out and hard for residents and visitors to have a mental grasp of any conceptual ordering system.