mental health

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I have grave concerns that without actionable strategies to address these issues, mental health patients in Canberra will slip through the cracks.
In some countries it is part of a Mental Health Week.
We believe there must be a radical change in the way in which our NHS approaches mental health services.
Reinforcing the government's ongoing commitment to mental health, he said: "Together we remain dedicated to our strategy's vision of promoting good mental health and delivering patient and family centred mental health services".
The minister informed during the meeting of members of Task Force that people with mental health problems and mental disorders are particularly vulnerable to infringement of their civil and human rights and to discrimination and exploitation by non professionals .
The campaign theme is intended to draw worldwide attention to the growing body of information and knowledge focusing on the integration of mental health in primary health care, and to provide this information to grassroots patient/consumer, family member/caregiver, and advocacy and educational mental health associations around the world.
Patients like seeing the mental health counselor in the primary care office better [than at the mental health center]," Dr.
Key issues for the centre include the role of cultural orientation in mental health, the role of culture in perceptions of mental health and illness, public perceptions of mental health and mental disorders, and the interaction of mental health professionals with consumers from cultures other than their own.
The low response rate was found particularly among general hospitals, which completed the sections of the audit that did not relate to mental health, but did not answer the mental health questions.
When the book is good, it brings a fresh and scholarly perspective to contemporary issues in mental health.
Numerous mental health care professionals have assessed Mr.