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Where I come from you can be madder than Trevor and simply be a "character," without being shunted off to a mental home.
There was the mad woman who reckoned the CIA were trying to recruit her, the medical student who tried to talk him into a day out at a mental home and the one- night stand who was shown the door for wearing "a pair of socks no man should be allowed to see".
The former Never Mind the Buzzcocks star admits: ``I felt undignified being carried on the plane, it was the kind of thing you would expect to find in a mental home.
OPPONENTS of a plan to open a mental home in St Asaph staged a demonstration at the weekend.
Her mother, who has visited her in the mental home almost every week, has never seen a sign of recognition from her daughter.
He spent seven years locked away in a mental home after confessing to her murder.
THE STORY: Justin Long plays a teen turned down by every college who sets up one of his own in a former mental home to fool his parents.
20pm (1936) (U) Factory production line worker Charlie Chaplin gets on the wrong side of his Big Brotherstyle bosses once too often and is thrown into a mental home - and on his release suffers all manner of mishaps and misunderstandings while trying to eke out a living on the streets.
THE sister of a man locked in a mental home for 40 years yesterday pleaded: "Help my brother before he dies.
If you worry about what Leeds do at Kingsholm you will drive yourself into a mental home.
It broke up my first marriage and put me in a mental home five or six times.

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