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When residue of drugs and toxins already in the body restimulate mental image pictures, so too are previous thoughts and decisions activated.
Their motions turned out to be representations of the mental images that Golfera says he used in order to memorize the sequence of numbers--a letter for every number, an action for every letter--the mnemonic device revealed by a visual analogy for the sound sequence.
Human beings have always tried to depict in some physical form the mental image of their gods.
Ennis' mental image is translated into Larry McMurtry's and Diana Ossana's screenplay by the use of split screen.
If a student cannot form a clear mental image of the desired tone, all the coaching in the world will not bring about a beautiful sound.
Chewing luxuriously, I dangle before myself the mental image of a calf in its little stall to see if it upsets my gustatory pleasure.
Our vision statement describes our purpose, creates a mental image of the future state of our organization and identifies growth opportunities.
I am still searching for the deeper meaning of all of this, but in the meantime, I love the mental image of the long-maligned "talking heads" becoming our primary communicators.
When people think about animation today, most get a mental image of computer nerds working their magic on supercomputers.
Rehearse the mechanics without releasing or actually throwing the ball, but attending to the details of the mechanics with emphasis on balance and a constant mental image of the strike zone.
A selfless nurturer of human and natural communities is not the mental image that most people--perhaps even we ourselves--have of a forester.