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They were required to form interactive mental images, so that words were presented in pairs: the first slide showed the first and second word, the second slide the second and third word, etc.
It is tempting to respond to the "what counts" objection by insisting that in order for a mental image to serve as an indicator of possibility, the image in question must be complete and fully detailed.
Generations of kids have grown up with the mental image of Humpty Dumpty lying shattered to smithereens and surrounded by bewildered looking kings' men (whatever they are!) and it hasn't done them any harm.
THE hideous mental image conjured up by TOWIE's Gemma Collins on This Morning: "I can't wear thongs, they cut in," which put me right off my jacket potato and grated cheese.
Or did she reveal that she was simultaneously having it off with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and John Prescott (apologies for that mental image)?
Thanks for that mental image, Jools, the perfect accompaniment to your Turkey Twizzler of an anecdote.
Still, that her works stem from a mental image rather than a pictorial concept does not prevent them from finding their fulfillment in painting.
Al-Ahmari has also contributed to research in mental image production for companies and nonprofit organizations.
In defending the image, Mitchell unwittingly undermines it with his emphasis on the distinction between the perfect sensuality of the sound image and the imperfect one of the mental image, which refers to its indefinite, ephemeral visuality.
For example, a mental image of one's path through the grocery store filled with brightly colored items on our "to buy" list is likely to be of greater benefit than seeking to recall a mental image of a grocery list itself.
I could have done without the mental image, but well done to Rod for being so honest.

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