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Sorry, I had a minor giddy turn there - I think it's the mental image of the camel coat and the Audi Quattro.
I have to say that there is no better mental image than Geri going through George Michael's bins," said a less than impressed Noel.
THERE'S more to that big hunka hunka Brad Pitt than a pretty face and a fit bod (although, ladies, if you're having a bad day just linger with that mental image for a moment before moving on.
I think it's the nonchalant swagger that has me drooling into my Doritos (apologies if that mental image just put you off your lunch).
Still, that her works stem from a mental image rather than a pictorial concept does not prevent them from finding their fulfillment in painting.
Step Three: Conjure up the mental image of a sweaty, leering John Prescott flashing his manifesto at the secretary.
In my mental image from 1975, they remain stubbornly vast, because they occupied entirely and changed the world I knew.
I hadn't read the book so I wasn't burdened with my own mental image of what hack Jack Parlabane should look like and JamesQuite Ugly One Morning ITV, Sunday Nesbitt seemed to fit the bill nicely.
The object assembly task was the only one that required youngsters to form an ideal mental image of an entity and orient tangible items to reproduce it, the Irvine researcher argues.
In the 1956 film" Forbidden Planet," the long-extinct Krell civilization had left behind an amazing technology capable of materializing any mental image.

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