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Yet, in the domain of readers' mental imagery, less is more: the rarer and more isolated these objects appear, the easier it becomes to visualize them against the background of the ghostly house and garage.
Furthermore, several studies have demonstrated the presence of muscular activity (electromyography: EMG) during mental imagery directed towards the production of force (Guillot and Collet, 2005; Yao et al., 2013).
One can understand this as a case involving both extremely accurate eidetic imagery and a subitizing or subitizing-like capacity, and a case in which such mental imagery functions mnemonically in an applied way to enable detection of extremely miniscule alterations in visual fields, ie, eidetically memorized star fields.
But the group that performed mental imagery exercises lost 50% less strength than the non-imaginative group (24 percent vs.
The most widely used questionnaire is the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ, Mark, 1973; McKelvie, 1995), and the questionnaire most extensively used to measure image vividness in all of the sensory modalities is the abridged version (Sheehan, 1967) of the Questionnaire Upon Mental Imagery (Betts, 1909).
This article represents the beginning of what I hope will be a larger investigation into the role of mental imagery in imaginative and ecological teaching.
Now, one might not believe meditation and mental imagery could make much of a difference to chemo's side effects.
Results also show that mental imagery is associated with improvement in physical practice of adolescents with mental retardation (21).
These were the scores on Measure of the Ability to Form Spatial Mental Imagery (MASMI: Campos, 2009), a measure of spatial ability; scores on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE: Wonderlic, Inc., 2001), a measure of general ability, and grades in General Physics I (PHY2001; Keiser University, 2012) class, a general education requirement for the program.
Imagining predictions: mental imagery as mental emulation.
Hall (2001) suggests that mental imagery can be an effective addition to physical practice and is better than physical practice alone.
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