mental imbalance

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Listening can save a lot of mistakes, heartaches, errors, suicides, deaths, depression and mental imbalance. Because when you listen, you tend to hear even what is not yet said.
The boy suffered psychological and mental imbalance and stopped sleeping comfortably due to frightening dreams that he started having after being repeatedly beaten by his Asian babysitter, who is in police custody, according to Ahmad Al Attar, Assistant Chief Prosecutor of Bur Dubai Prosecution.
She seemed to be suffering from some sort of mental imbalance and was behaving most unlike her usual self.
David's easy leap from his lowly station to the throne seems to affirm a principle about mental imbalance embraced by the ancients: Mental illness, like all sickness and misfortune, is intrinsically a "God problem." David, a friend of God, could endure even radical social displacement without risk--as did many a patriarch, prophet, and apostle aligned with God.
In remarks Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the airstrikes in Yemen had been prompted by the kingdom's failures elsewhere, causing what he called a "mental imbalance."
Announcement of competition: Lighter mental disorders" in this context are conditions such as may include mild anxiety, mild depression and situational mental imbalance.
Aleppo residents told FNA that those who take such drugs suffer mental imbalance and embark on frantic acts like killing, beheading and mutilating others (seen in many footages taken from the terrorists' savage acts in Syria).
A brother and a father figure, whose love sours to jealousy and hate, a wife who despises his drumming and a mother from whom the truth about his birth is not forthcoming all hasten the tempo of a mental imbalance rooted in Unni's childhood to an inevitable dark end.
The younger son of the elderly woman added that the maid's attack was shocking and unexpected because she showed good conduct and had not manifested any signs of violent behavior or mental imbalance in the past.
Author Linda Stratmann acknowledges these unpleasant characteristics, which suggest mental imbalance, in her fascinating and intriguing book The Marquess of Queensbury - Wilde''s Nemesis, which is certain to be popular among Wildean aficionados.
Figures also reveal the police force aimed a Taser at a 13-year-old girl suffering a mental imbalance and in possession of numerous knives.
The mother's mental imbalance and cruelty is alluded to without being overly graphic.