mental incapacity

See: insanity
References in classic literature ?
"Yes, altogether," thought Darya Alexandrovna, looking back over her whole existence during those fifteen years of her married life, "pregnancy, sickness, mental incapacity, indifference to everything, and most of all--hideousness.
This old gentleman informed him that the thing was perfectly feasible if he could get hold of competent witnesses as to Muishkin's mental incapacity. Then, with the assistance of a few influential persons, he would soon see the matter arranged.
Article 47 of the Constitution states: 'Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, the President may, in accordance with the provisions of this Article, be removed from office on the ground of physical or mental incapacity or impeached on a charge of violating the Constitution or gross misconduct.'
The SJC is mandated to proceed against judges on the grounds of mental incapacity and misconduct; so, SJC may conduct a judicial review of the capacity and conduct of judges based on their performance and behaviour.
MENTAL INCAPACITYIt goes on to list the grounds, which include serious violation of the Constitution or any other law, contravention of Chapter Six (leadership and integrity), gross misconduct, physical or mental incapacity to perform the functions of office, incompetence, and bankruptcy.Whereas the grounds are easily applicable to the members of other commissions in line with their respective laws, the removal process is silent as regards a member of PSC.
It costs the NHS millions of pounds each year to look after hospital patients who are physically fit to be discharged, yet cannot be due to mental incapacity.
If you don't have an appropriate LPA in place, then a Court of Protection Deputyship application would be needed to deal with your business affairs in the event of permanent mental incapacity.
"Old EPAs contain various restrictions such as 'it can be only used for loss of mental capacity' or 'can only be used if there is medical evidence to support loss of mental incapacity'.
An individual's actions cannot always be attributable to mental incapacity, psychiatric or clinical diagnosis.
The statute excuses late notice only if 'by reason of physical or mental incapacity it is impossible for the person injured to give the notice within the time required.' G.L.c.
Mental incapacity or immaturity of a person and privileged communication were the only grounds for disqualification of a witness.
Navarro-Domingo said that the only basis for the disqualification of witnesses in the drug case are by reasons of mental incapacity or immaturity and privileged communication.