mental incapacity

See: insanity
References in classic literature ?
This old gentleman informed him that the thing was perfectly feasible if he could get hold of competent witnesses as to Muishkin's mental incapacity.
Mental incapacity due to old age is one of the major issues to be careful of.
The amendment has also simplified the removal of the Vice-Chancellor and now he could be removed on account of allegation of gross misconduct, including inefficiency, corruption, violation of budgetary provisions, moral turpitude or physical or mental incapacity, after a resolution passed with a simple majority by the Senate.
Of the remaining cases one suspect was found not guilty, two suspects committed suicide and two cases were processed on the grounds of the suspect's mental incapacity.
Sterling's attorneys have refuted this claim and stated that any idea entertaining of his mental incapacity is "absurd.
Such a law, if successful, will open another Pandora's Box, following on from our UK Abortion Law, the UK's Mental Incapacity Bill and Belgium's recent passing of euthanasia of young, seriously-ill children.
The court has jurisdiction, after a finding of mental incapacity, to determine whether the incapacitated party is capable of exercising authority and sole decisionmaking over issues concerning property.
It is working with vulnerable people, mainly those with mental incapacity, their families and advisers.
Bonfield's discussion of the legal understanding of mental incapacity has important implication for our understanding of growing old, as well as an appreciation of what was at stake for surviving friends and family.
There is no consent where the person is sleeping or incapacitated due to age, alcohol, drug or mental incapacity.
Physical or mental incapacity could happen at any time and who would look after your affairs should there come a time when you lack the ability to do so yourself?
54) This is particularly likely where an offence specific to complainants with mental disabilities is created in which the element of non-consent is replaced by proof of mental incapacity.