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The issue of defence of mental incompetence in our justice system is a focus of a discussion paper being released today by the Sentencing Advisory Council.
The controversies Gottschalk analyzes will be familiar to anyone who knows the outlines of Eddy's life--litigations; disputes with former students such as Josephine Woodbury and Augusta Stetson; disillusionment with people she had at one time been close to such as her adopted son, Foster Eddy; accusations against her that ranged from hysteria to fraudulence to authoritarianism to heterodoxy to mushy thinking and bad writing; and, finally, mental incompetence.
physician, carries a much higher connotation of mental incompetence and also presents the "threat" of involuntary treatment.
The Tokyo High Court suspended the appeals trial in February last year due to his mental incompetence.
It fosters the assumption that diagnosis of mental incompetence can be accomplished independent of nonscientific motives.
3] See Note, Mental Incompetence as it Affects Wills and Contracts, 13 U.