mental infirmities

See: insanity
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Specifically, its purpose is to show that providing an exception to the "reasonable person" (11) standard in negligence actions for the physically disabled (12) while withholding it for those with mental infirmities (13) is increasingly indefensible.
While the line is undoubtedly difficult to draw, it is clear that at the time of this doctrine's genesis, physical and mental infirmities were considered entirely distinct.
23) By examining the contextualising frame of infirmity for medieval English records of suicide, we find that physical and mental infirmities were emotionally meaningful ways of explaining suicide, and that they served as important tools for those responding to suicide.
What's wrong with using alertness drugs to improve performance on bar exams when the same drugs combat the mental infirmities of aging?
with slight mental infirmities accounting for 62 against 287 cases of moderate
mental infirmities and 302 cases of severe mental infirmities, while the more
Part 2 refers to the "frailty years," when either physical or mental infirmities (or both) necessitate the retiree's getting health care services.
The purposes underpinning the reasonable person standard help to illuminate why it operates without regard to the defendant's individual mental infirmities or behavioral predispositions.
Mental health professionals would then simultaneously target the general populace, encouraging acceptance and general mindfulness of mental health while urging those with mental infirmities to seek help.
They include those with relatively minor physical or mental infirmities.
Some children are removed from their biological mothers when society determines that the mother suffers from mental infirmities which will render her incapable of providing proper care for the child.