mental instability

See: insanity
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And Dantes, happy to escape the history and explanation which would be sure to confirm his belief in his friend's mental instability, glided like a snake along the narrow passage; while Faria, restored by his alarm to a certain amount of activity, pushed the stone into place with his foot, and covered it with a mat in order the more effectually to avoid discovery.
Democrats claim Trump is a moron unfit for office, but he keeps outsmarting them and it is the media that have been showing symptoms of mental instability.
Experts believed this triggered his mental instability.
Stingo learns that not all is as is seems with the happy couple, as Nathan's obsession and mental instability threatens to harm their relationship, while secrets from Sophie's past threaten to bubble to the surface, with Stingo all the more determined to uncover the truth.
But as the dream turned into a nightmare, what followed was years of gambling addiction, claims of mental instability, and legal custody battles.
And certainly not momentous enough to trigger mental instability.
Such assistance includes but is not limited to: substance abuse, emotional and mental instability, family difficulties, eldercare concerns, financial problems, and productivity and attendance problems.
If the girls are found not-guilty due to mental instability or defect then they will be treated at a mental facility.
Local prosecutors ordered him be kept in police custody and referred him to an urgent trial after finding out that the man has no history of mental instability.
Sara is fiercely independent and determinedly loyal to Anna, whose mental instability is apparent from the first time we meet her.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Indianapolis police fatally shot a man, knowing he had a history of mental instability, local WTHR-TV channel said Monday.
Through his eyes, readers receive a gritty, candid view of life on Hollywood's sordid streets, and through his experiences come a bewildering staccato of life (and life-threatening) experiences that swirl around the vortex of drugs and mental instability.