mental instability

See: insanity
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And Dantes, happy to escape the history and explanation which would be sure to confirm his belief in his friend's mental instability, glided like a snake along the narrow passage; while Faria, restored by his alarm to a certain amount of activity, pushed the stone into place with his foot, and covered it with a mat in order the more effectually to avoid discovery.
In the US, however, part of the problem, activists say, has been lack of proper gun control measures, and not mental instability.In fact, a recent report by the Human Rights Watch, a US-based rights group, said there was no sufficient evidence to prove a mentally ill person is more likely to shoot people indiscriminately.
During the various court summonses, however, the suspect was consistently incoherent and portrayed signs of mental instability.
To me it seems that our national political leaders have been afflicted by that dreadful mental instability of self harm to the point of self destruction with the seeming determination that we end it all with the no - deal divorce.
"He did not exhibit any symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse or show any signs of delusion or mental instability."
Easy access to guns combined with mental instability explains this tragedy -- that is if one can ever explain such horror.
Experts believed this triggered his mental instability.
"He was arrested and charged with mental instability and sent to Dundrum where he remained for two and a half years."
Cops can seek such services voluntarily if they feel the need, or they can be required by their superiors to do so when they exhibit signs of mental instability.
Sally Bedell Smith, a royal expert, said, "One of the saddest parts of Diana's short and turbulent life was the failure of those around her 6 friends and family alike 6 to convince her to obtain treatment for her extreme symptoms of mental instability."
A new study, published in Nature Climate Change in August, found that there is a strong correlation between higher temperatures and mental instability, even inducing higher suicide rates.
The court-appointed lawyer argued in court that his client suffers from mental instability and is not responsible and cannot be held liable for his criminal behaviour.