mental institution

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In addition to those who have been committed to a mental institution, those prohibited from owning guns include felons and those who have committed certain misdemeanors, unlawful users of certain drugs, and those who have renounced U.
to a mental institution by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority," which, depending on the state, might include admitting physicians or psychiatrists.
Controversy also surrounded Article 14 of the draft law, El-Sayyed said, that allows any doctor, regardless of his specialization, to forcefully admit patients into mental institutions.
This revised edition of Sones's highly praised poetry/novel (her first publication) closely relates to Sones's personal history, and the Afterword explains how her older sister (at 19) was placed in a mental institution with manic-depressive illness when Sones herself was 13 years old.
Reporters were taken to the mental institution called the ''No.
Imagine Sweeney Todd staged like the gay film Lilies, only instead of a prison we're trapped in a mental institution.
At lunch with Truls Melin the week his new exhibition opened, we talked about his seven months in a mental institution, how he got there, and the exhibitions he has made since.
The odds are good that he will "rot with his rights on" in a mental institution and never be brought to trial.
But from our experience of Romania, people like Ovidiu, who are mentally okay but have physical disabilities, would have gone into a mental institution.
She is asked to report on conditions in a mental institution.
Rockwell's second wife, Mary, sought treatment for depression and alcoholism at the private mental institution Austen Riggs in Stockbridge, Mass.
Family lawyer Morris Wolff has told US President Bill Clinton of the "genuine possibility" that Wallenberg, who would be 88, is in a mental institution near Moscow.