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He explained that the law makes a clear distinction between "voluntary and obligatory admission to mental institutions.
Choe Myong Hwan, president of the mental institution, said he had heard details from the hospital's vice president who knows about the time that Yokota entered the hospital with a Korean name.
This is not a 'feel good' film and some scenes are quite disturbing but it is a unique insight into the life of a mental institution and the lives of the girls who live there.
The film follows Zach (Aaron Eckhart), a psychiatrist who returns home to work at the mental institution where his father (Nick Nolte), a famous children's book author, was committed years earlier.
London, August 7 ( ANI ): X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne's daughter, Kelly Osbourne has revealed that she went to rehab seven times and twice to a mental institution to battle her drug problems.
Last year funds provided the means for major renovation in the Adult Mental Institution in Soltanovka.
40pm) Hiro and Ando take extreme measures to break Dr Suresh out of the mental institution where he is being held, and Peter's mother urges him to stay away from Emma.
When she breaks down, she fines herself in a mental institution which has gained the charming nickname of 'Oakhell'.
Vince Li will instead be treated in a mental institution following the decision in Winnipeg by Justice John Scurfield, who said the attack was "barbaric" but "strongly suggestive of a mental disorder".
He checked himself out of a mental institution and has become a cult figure in Japan.
Girls who resisted this domestic regime, and/or who behaved inappropriately in other ways, could be transferred to the infirmary, workhouse, asylum or mental institution.
They're confronting Little Red Riding Hood, an escapee from a mental institution, who is suffering a mental breakdown from the loss of her grandmother.