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Patient had numbness in the area supplied by Infra Orbital Nerve but had no Paresthesia of Mental Nerve.
The mental nerve may extend anteriorly for 2-3 mm within the mandible before curving back to the mental foramen (the 'anterior loop' of mental nerve).
7 Although no significant abnormalities in dental radiographs or oral examination were found, neurological tests exposed disturbances in the inferior and mental nerve, and blood tests revealed signs of widespread metastatic disease.
The mental foramen (MF), from which the mental nerve and vessels emerge, lies below either the interval between the premolar teeth, or below the second premolar tooth.
5) The double mental foramen is reported in literature as a result of the branching of the mental nerve before it passes through the MF.
As the mucoperiosteal flap was elevated, the mental nerve was noted, as well as buccal expansion of the cortical plate adjacent to teeth numbers 19 and 20 (Figures 5, 6).
The inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) is a mixed nerve that provides sensory innervation to the lower teeth, lower lip and buccal mucosa located between the premolars and lower central incisor through the mental nerve.
Sensory disturbances were recorded as the distur-bances of inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve and lingual nerve according to patient complaint.
Mental nerve neuropathy as a result of hepatitis B vaccination.
Researchers wishing to know where it was first described should take note of this reference: "Konotey-Ahulu F I D, Mental nerve neuropathy: a complication of sickle cell crisis.