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The affected side of mandible was operated with the treatment protocol through preserving the mental nerve in order to minimize the risk of intraoperative complications including paresthesia and bleeding from neurovascular structures.
The advantages of these implants in comparison to the inferior body osteotomy include that it reduces the probability of injury to the mental nerve, it is reversible if the patient is not satisfied with the result, and lateral augmentation of the mandible is possible.
Patterns of emergence of the human mental nerve. Arch Oral Biol 2002; 47(10): 743-7.
Besides, success of surgical procedures requiring mental nerve block for the different subpopulation groups is contingent on accurate knowledge of the MF position, shape and number and position symmetry existing in these subpopulation groups.
-1, major complication; permanent loss of mental nerve sensory, presence of non-healing wounds, or necessity of a revision surgery;
We can identify the mental nerve emerging from the mental foramen based on the accompanying vessel.
(a) A "V" incision was conducted from the right to left retromolar region, and a mucoperiosteal flap was carefully detached to maintain the mental nerve integrity.
Cancellous bone was viable surrounding the mental nerve at the anterior margin (Figure 3(d)) and the mandibular canal at the posterior margin (Figure 3(g)).
In the parasymphysis region, a vestibular mucosal incision was made obliquely through the mentalis muscle, with care taken to isolate the labial branches of mental nerve. After adequate exposure the fracture site, the segments were manipulated and reduced to normal anatomic position.
* Numb chin syndrome (NCS) is characterized by hypoesthesia, paresthesia, thermalgesic anesthesia, or pain over the chin in the region supplied by the mental nerve, a terminal branch of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve.
[sup][2] Although we could demonstrate the surgical feasibility of a total transoral thyroidectomy as early as 2008, we still had concerns about its clinical application, e.g., floor of mouth and specimen volume, manipulation of instruments, visualization of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and risk of mental nerve lesion by the lateral vestibulum trocar.
Mental nerve neuropathy, better known as numb chin syndrome, is a rare condition with one of the first documented cases reported in the early 1800s by Charles Bell in a patient with breast cancer.