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In Chomsky's preface and Pollock's first two chapters, the study of the mental organ known as the language faculty is presented as a branch of cognitive psychology in which Universal Grammar (UG) is viewed as a species-specific genetically endowed initial state that underlies the deep properties common to all languages, and the job of the linguist is to determine how individual grammars come to have the properties they do on the basis of UG and exposure to primary linguistic data: that is, how children acquire language given the poverty of the stimulus beyond the arbitrary and the irregular.
We can never attain the appropriate concepts needed to transform the mystery of consciousness into a scientific, solvable problem, because "our problem is simply that we lack the necessary mental organs with which to form theories of the phenomena that puzzles us" (McGinn 1993, p.
Evolutionary psychology suggests we have a "Stone Age" brain inside our modern skulls--a brain composed of mental organs designed for the specific adaptive tasks of our ancestors.