mental outlook

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It was during that evening that there flitted across his mind the first suspicion he had ever had that his Uncle Robert's mental outlook was a little limited.
Be consistent in your exposure to daylight and the times that you eat to help improve your mental outlook.
He covers the definition, functions, and goals of corrections, as well as who offenders are; types of correctional facilities; personnel issues and training; the history of punishment and prisons; the development of the modern correctional facility; methods for handling special populations, such as gangs, female offenders, juveniles, and mentally disordered and suicidal inmates; physical aspects of facilities and classification; security duties; professionalism, ethics, mental outlook, and stress; avoiding manipulation; inmate violence; the history of the courts and inmate rights; due process and hearings and mechanisms of litigation; and excessive force and inmate lawsuits.
However, the confined mental outlook of the progressive lot does not say a lot for the promotion of literature in Pakistan.
Tenorio said if they plan to turn things around, they need a different mental outlook as one slip leads to elimination for Ginebra.
Its funny what some upgraded equipment and a positive mental outlook can do to help things along.
You will see a big leap in their quality of life, mental outlook, productivity and focus.
Socialization, mental outlook, and emotional health are improved by occupational therapist interventions.
But a recent study found that your mental outlook may play a major role in how you perceive the length of time your heart is in Afib and the episode's intensity.
VALENTINA'S HOME-BREWED PURE BODY CARE: The average perfume has more than 250 different chemicals in it, but Valentina's products use nontoxic essential oil blends that help improve mood, stress and overall mental outlook.
At least one of these goals should involve your mental outlook on practicing or performing.
And a positive mental outlook and strong morale is key to positive outcomes for cancer patients.