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Our mental picture of someone produces unique patterns of brain activation that can be detected using advanced imaging techniques, reported neuroscientist Nathan Spreng and his colleagues in a study published in Cerebral Cortex.
When she says, "Click!" she snaps a mental picture of whatever she's seeing.
The mental picture of Chen dossing down in red light bolt-holes is a long, long way from the life she carved for herself in a sleepy corner of Kidderminster, where, until today, residents were blissfully unaware of her seedy secret double-life.
Norman Vincent Peale has an interesting way to tame the wild mind, "Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding.
It is much more effective to focus your resolutions and goals on what you do want, and then create a mental picture of what it means to achieve those goals.
THOSE OF US WHOSE mental picture of California's Central Valley is, shamefully, limited to the golden blur passing by on either side of Interstate 5 would probably never imagine that the winning (and quintessentialy autumnal) picture below was taken in that rich agricultural belt.
"Mental Picture Machine" is the last entry in the trilogy that began with "Underwater Not Underground" and continued with "Dream Catcher Juice." It celebrates the artist's 10th year in the music business.
But why would you blow off such cheap insurance that your mental picture jived with the real world?
1 : the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present and especially of something a person has not known or experienced <Her imagination kept her entertained on the long ride.>
The mental picture of that, says Mr Balmforth, was mind-boggling.
The more vivid the mental picture, the better the results.