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Following Seuren (2009), but paraphrasing a bit, a proposition is the act of ascribing a property to a mental representation. Regarding (2), and again, from the point of view of the underlying proposition, we find the property of being in Africa, the predicate, being ascribed to the argument the growing of coffee.
Bearing in mind these two explanations of the relationship between teaching quality and students' competence and autonomy, when there is not an adequate teaching quality, we can forecast two possible scenarios: 1) students' mental representation about teaching quality affects negatively to students, and 2) students' mental representation about teaching quality does not affect students.
However, a narrative has a close relationship with the form of mental representation of knowledge and memory.
Overbreadth only curbs generality when generality is a set-theoretical construct, and the generality of a mental representation is not a set-theoretical construct.
62) Ericsson and Pool show that the importance of these "mental representations" holds true for athletes and fighter pilots as much as for chess players and surgeons.
In Schneider's view, characters are a core part of the situation model created during the reading experience and, hence, readers must form some kind of mental representation, a specific model of them, to fully understand the story.
There is no way of changing the psychological or other natural laws that would make a given mental representation non-self-identical.
Additionally, because of interest in the mental representation of movement without the aid of verbal mediation, movements were chosen that were thought not to be immediately identifiable with commonly used dance vocabulary.
Motor imagery of body segments follows rules similar to those involved with the mental representation of inanimate objects.
- Develops observation skills and mental representation, contributing to child development in a fun way.
As that is happening to me, I have a mental representation of that body state as much as I have a mental representation of what frightened me.
On meaning and mental representation; a pragmatic approach.
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