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For men, the mental representation of condoms as indicating a barrier to intimacy was more highly correlated with condom use consistency than was their perception of condom use as a reflection of responsibility.
According to their work, the earliest manifestations of mental representation occur with the formation of schemata.
Alternative procedures for eliciting and comparing individuals' mental representations of competition are briefly considered.
Another dogma that my claim calls into question is the view that the community or the social set-up of which the individual is a part plays little or no role in the way she forms her mental representations of the world.
It is important, then, to consider the nature of the visual mental representations and their relationship to the physical world.
Different assumptions about the nature of mental representation radically alter the representational possibilities.
This is certainly true for some representations, such as sentences of languages one does not speak, but the project the modern approaches are engaged upon is to characterize a class of mental representations for which there is no gap between having such a representation of, say, Tony Blair, in mind and thinking of Tony Blair.
In the realm of mental representation, however, the question is not always seen in this way.
By using personalized word problems, more students can build the mental representation that links the text of the word problem to the strategies needed to solve it.
One suggestion is that humans build and use mental models to solve the problems and understand the situations, and that human deductive reasoning is performed not through applying inference rules to propositions, but by constructing and examining the resulting concrete mental representation [9].
This mistake, in turn, seems to rest on a confusion of the proposition or sentence which indexes a mental representation and the representation which is indexed by that proposition or sentence.
Prior to the discovery of the correlation between elevated metabolite levels and toxicity risks, nobody had a mental representation of the correlation, and nobody could perform a diagnostic inference using the correlation as a premise.
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