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As mentioned in the previous section, research on mental models suggests that in order for users to interact effectively with a system, they need to create a mental representation of how the system works (e.
This single-attitude model treats both as a single form of mental representation (i.
The participants' performance on the tests may have been influenced both by the accuracy of the mental representation that was stored in short-term memory and by the ability to engage in a mental rotation of this representation.
It produces the main tensions and instabilities (2) of the narrative in question, as it implicates a continually fluctuating distance between mental representations of events and characters.
This means that there is no actual distributional evidence that the various senses are part of the mental representation of the complement-taking predicate as such (rather than being part, for example, of the mental representation of the complementation pattern, or the complex complement-taking predicate + complementation pattern as a whole).
Sekiyama K (1982) Kinesthetic aspects of mental representation in the identification of left and right hands.
Coverage includes perception, recall of images, the effects of externalization of information, and how it interacts with recall during problem solving; the mental representation of concepts, metaphors, and language; mental reasoning and interaction; and individual differences and individually based systems.
Immediately after that a drawing, a scheme or a graphic must be prepared to help the mental representation.
17) When we interpret a sentence, we are in effect finding a non-symbolic mental representation to associate with the sentence, such as an image of some real-world scene.
Sense 1 is "A mental representation of a mental representation.
Freud suggests that sexual excitation cannot be satisfied by physical means mainly because it takes a mental representation as its object.
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