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Marvin Lee Wilson reveals that he does meet the criteria for a diagnosis of mild mental retardation.
I was on a Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) accreditation visit for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, when I learned that about 20% of its inmates have issues with mental retardation and, in fact, Texas's DOC has special prisons just for that type of inmate.
Assessing people with mental retardation to determine whether they will be competent to act as witnesses is challenging, as people with mental retardation rarely appear as witnesses in court.
For testing the requirement of various candidate proteins for function of the fragile X mental retardation protein, the researchers genetically modified the flies to prevent them from making each candidate protein.
There are 881 people in Department of Mental Retardation institutions.
Apart from its definition and advocacy work, the AAIDD is well-known for its journals, the American Journal on Mental Retardation and Mental Retardation (http://aamr.
There were significant differences between students with learning disabilities or mental retardation and non-disabled peers.
However, existing research on the career development of people with moderate to severe mental retardation focuses on occupational choice rather than career development (Rumrill & Roessler, 1999).
Approximately one out of every 10 American families is directly affected by mental retardation.
In studies examining the hierarchical attitudes towards disabling conditions, mental retardation and mental illness have consistently been cited as the least socially accepted (Lyons & Hayes, 1993; Jones, Gottfried, & Owens, 1965; Karnilowicz, Sparrow, & Shinkfield, 1994).
Applied Research in Mental Retardation, 3, 121-139.

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