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But I fear it was my mental state he took seriously; and not my story.
He paused a little to consider how he should pray about Euclid--whether he should ask to see what it meant, or whether there was any other mental state which would be more applicable to the case.
As she justified her action by the mental state of her mother, a spasm of pain marred the generously confiding harmony of her features.
Nevertheless, we perfectly well recognize the different mental states of volition implied in "lying", "sitting", and "standing", which are to some extent indicated to a beholder by a slight increase of lustre corresponding to the increase of volition.
But at college I discovered evolution and psychology, and learned the explanation of various strange mental states and experiences.
Perhaps he could not have told, for his mental states became obscure as soon as he had passed through them.
I recalled my mental states from the midnight prayer to the foolish card-playing.
I was just tracing my mental states for you, in order to show the genesis of the action," he explained.
THERESA MAY has brushed off concerns about the mental state of Donald Trump after an explosive account of life inside the White House questioned his fitness for high office.
IANS Selena Gomez opened up about her mental state while hosting the screening of Safdie brothers' film Good Times.
A 12-year-old Form 1 girl who lived with her parents and younger brother first presented to mental health services on 24 February 2014 with an abrupt onset of mental state changes preceded by interpersonal conflicts.