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His mental state related to service is not available.
His partner Kathryn Harris told officers she was worried about his mental state since he had been told he would be medically discharged from the Army.
BEIRUT: The attorney of Tarek Yateem, who is suspected of brutally stabbing and killing a man after a road rage incident in Beirut, requested Friday that a court-appointed doctor examine her client's mental state, the National News Agency reported.
1) In eight instances in A, "smiles" was followed by an adverb that seems to give more insight into a character's mental state than "smiles" alone; in B there were two instances.
Gomez's recent activities might be a cause of concern for her family and friends as she was in a similar mental state before checking into a rehab facility earlier this year.
An account of the self is, in part, a "specification of a relationship between me and the mental states that are mine, between an individual and a mental life.
The Dietz Mental State Interview (DMSI) helps collect and document evidence regarding the issues that may play an important role in subsequent charging decisions, suppression hearings, trials, and sentencing.
For her, the meaning of a term or sentence is not a matter of what a private mental state is about.
We must apply a strategy that will bring us back into a safe mental state, imagine if those strategies were written into our workplace playbook.
Breivik's mental state will be the focus when the Oslo district court presents its judgment against Breivik today for the bomb and gun attacks that killed 77 people.
The force said there were fears over his mental state.
Model and mum-oftwo Danielle Brown, 31, questioned her sister's mental state on Friday.