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b demonstrate power spectral density graphs of the person's resting state and mental test respectively.
Mental test implementation in the National Technical School in the period between 1942 and 1959: An analysis from the questioning of the notions of center and periphery *
The most pressing question for Whipple surrounded the adequacy of mental tests in sifting out gifted students from the normal population.
Ilg and Louise Bates Ames, "Stress on Mental Tests in Adoption Shows Gain," AGP, Box 45, Folder: "Subject File: Adoption, 1957.
Although he met many of the most distinguished institutional physicians of his day, his most provocative find was a short list of mental tests given to him by a Belgian doctor and special educator, Ovide Decroly.
Chilean Judge Juan Guzman Tapia, who is hearing seventy-two murder cases against the former dictator, expedited a request that Senator for Life Pinochet's parliamentary immunity be lifted and said he intended to subject him to a new battery of medical and mental tests.
The mice successfully performed mental tests 40 percent faster than normal mice.
Three decades later, I can think of no equal to Jensen in formulating new questions, clever tools, and testable hypotheses to resolve old debates about intelligence and mental tests.
than boys in standard physical and mental tests, as they move into puberty, girls suffer increasing rates of depression and attempted suicide and have more problems than boys with eating disorders, substance abuse, or staying in school.
Most of these with hypertension were taking medication to control it--and all fared worse in mental tests and in overall brain tissue loss as determined by MRI.
After six months, the patients scored slightly better on mental tests than they did when the study began.
A federally commissioned study due to be officially delivered to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the next couple of weeks will recommend against continuing use of mandatory retirement ages for public safety employees and substituting performance based physical and mental tests.