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Using the mental test results, they calculated a combined score and rated mental function "impaired" if the score was below 0 and "normal" if the score was above 0.
E Kuhlmann, A Handbook of Mental Tests (Baltimore: Warwick and York, 1922), 150-153.
Three days of gruelling physical and mental tests lie ahead for a group of would-be explorers vying for a chance to take part in the adventure of a lifetime.
Yerkes, president of the American Psychological Association, to design mental tests for selection of Army recruits.
This study also emphasizes that moderation is key--both abstainers and heavy drinkers in this study were more likely to suffer mental decline, with the heavy drinkers showing the poorest performance on mental tests.
The mice successfully performed mental tests 40 percent faster than normal mice.
than boys in standard physical and mental tests, as they move into puberty, girls suffer increasing rates of depression and attempted suicide and have more problems than boys with eating disorders, substance abuse, or staying in school.
Most of these with hypertension were taking medication to control it--and all fared worse in mental tests and in overall brain tissue loss as determined by MRI.
Doctors can determine competency with simple mental tests.
After six months, the patients scored slightly better on mental tests than they did when the study began.
A federally commissioned study due to be officially delivered to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the next couple of weeks will recommend against continuing use of mandatory retirement ages for public safety employees and substituting performance based physical and mental tests.
The women took a variety of mental tests and reported on menopause-related symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disturbance, depression and anxiety.