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Unfortunately, poverty and poor people constitute just one of the numerous exploitation areas where the AKP mentality successfully performs its emotional "vampirism.
That's why we are very pleased with the players, because now the mentality is a collective mentality.
He addressed Rifi saying that the statements he had made do not spare him the responsibility for the torture ongoing in the Lebanese jails, adding that neither his attitudes nor poor morals represent the mentality and morals of the brotherly people of Lebanon.
The head of the unit for enforcement of alternative punishments Levon Avetisyan said, The unit for enforcement of alternative punishments regardless of how well it performs its functions - differs greatly from a probation system, although a difference in mentality is obvious.
He said: "I think Leicester City has this winning mentality.
We will try to move forward as a squad with a great manager behind us who has got the exact same mentality.
Mata said that they feel the manager is a great manager who has brought a strong mentality, and added that United is made for a winning mentality and he feels that Van Gl has it.
In High Performance Mentality, athletes and trainers learn how to align the body's natural energy patterns and breath cycles with the power of the subconscious to make sure both body and mind are working toward the same goal.
For us, our focus and composure and mentality is just to work hard, because there's a process to dreaming," the Reds boss added.
The Kop midfielder said: "Our mentality is changing all the time.
He's very difficult to handle in the box, but he's got that presence and that mentality that makes sure he stands out and does that little bit extra.
We looked calm on the ball in the first half some of our momentum was very good, our positioning was good, our mentality was good.