mentally capable

See: competent
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Today I had to make the decision that although I am physically fit enough I may not be mentally capable to perform at the highest level.
Do they really put it in during training when you tell them the extra training they do is not a punishment but it is to keep them physically and mentally capable of taking a chance when it comes their way?
See, no matter how physically prepared you are or how prepped your spots are or how patterned that big buck is, if you're not mentally capable of holding yourself together in the moment of truth, all that hard work is for nothing.
We just have to make sure the leopard is physically and mentally capable of fend ing for herself.
Karanka actively built a squad of players who would give seven out of 10 in every game and to that end he weeded out the inconsistent and those not physically or mentally capable of reaching the benchmark.
You'll recall the Canadian high court not only declared doctor-prescribed suicide a constitutional right but also authorized "surrogates" to "choose" euthanasia for patients who are not mentally capable of making health care decision, like children born with disabilities or those with Alzheimer's disease.
It was mentioned in the psychological report of the accused juvenile, that at the time of incident, he was physically and mentally capable to understand the consequences.
In such situations - provided the doctors are mentally capable of making such requests - they should ask the persons accompanying them to call the police.
They must prove themselves mentally capable and have two witnesses to their request.
8, the Death with Dignity Act, two doctors must declare an adult terminally ill, volitional and mentally capable in order for that citizen to receive a medication that would end their suffering.
However, its parents condition it to follow their own way, and the child is not mentally capable of resisting it.
AN ill 50-year-old grandmother, who led a glamorous lifestyle but wants to die because she thinks that she has lost her "sparkle", is mentally capable of deciding to refuse medical treatment, a judge has ruled.