mentally deficient

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Moore then referred to 'a very interesting book' by Drs Nye and Bostock, (38) where the 'question of the continued increase in numbers of the mentally deficient, and the need for some action' were discussed.
How neighbours, friends and relations laughed when told about my vociferous battles against bumbling bureaucrats, mentally deficient shop assistants, rip-off merchants, unpolished shoes, unmown lawns, fake HP Sauce and, of course, the politically correct denizens of the dumbed-down BBC.
Japan's Penal Code prohibits the punishment of those determined by a medical examination to be mentally deficient.
Lutz said the increasing discussion of battered woman syndrome inside and outside courtrooms may be encouraging judges to take a paternalistic attitude toward victims and creating the false impression that battered women are somehow mentally deficient.
One of the masons why Africa is the world's least urbanized continent is not because its people are mentally deficient - a common if unspoken view - but because it has so few navigable rivers or natural harbors.
a) an old, blind, lame, mentally deficient or impotent person, or
At the beginning of the novel the father is thirty-eight years old and his mentally deficient son is eight and does not speak except for occasional groans; he is probably modeled after the author's own handicapped son Hikari.
They are both mentally deficient One has a war wound, which I think is most important.