mentally sound

See: normal, sane
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It is important to keep our officers physically and mentally sound for better quality of life at both work and at home.
The inclusion criteria were genders, Pakistani nationals (assessed on basis of CNIC), age 20 to 60 years, dentate patients and mentally sound participants.
He said members of the community had to be made aware that people with mental disorders had equal rights as those mentally sound and should not be relegated to the lower levels of humanity.
However, the official forensic report showed that the suspect is mentally sound and responsible for his actions.
One child we know doesn't have limbs, but he is passionate about drawing and is mentally sound. Anther child with autism has a fantastic memory."
As a vlogger, it is important for Mae that she is physically and mentally sound.
The GDN earlier exclusively reported the defendant had previously told prosecutors during questioning that he was mentally sound.
The court ruled that Le Pen should undergo the tests to determine whether she is mentally sound and able to understand and respond to the observations of the judge properly.
He said that he was mentally sound while he was working in Dubai.
The most we can do at present is to age gracefully, which means remaining physically active and free of debilitating disease and disability, mentally sound, and emotionally happy, until death.
In USA, the board is investigating whether the president is mentally sound or not, as his old age frequently makes signs of unsoundness.
He claimed she was not mentally sound. Shah Saleem police registered FIR and started investigations.