mentally sound

See: normal, sane
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There are steps to make it harder for a person, mentally sound or unsound, to obtain weapons, including background checks on every gun purchase.
If some declaration comes against any person that he is not mentally sound then will the said person be disqualified for life.
If we are mentally sound and have had enough, our wishes should be respected.
There are a number of reasons why Germany is consistently producing such technically and mentally sound footballers, including the country's investment in youth academies, high coaching standards, relative wealth and the will of coaches to give young players a chance.
The request must be witnessed by two people and approved by two physicians, and the patient must be determined to be mentally sound.
Fasting is obligatory for every physically and mentally sound, adult during this month.
He said sports make the players not only physically strong but mentally sound too.
However figures also showed that the number of attacks on staff by members of the public and mentally sound patients increased from 20 assaults between 2013 and 2014, to 32 assaults between 2014 and 2015.
Moscow investigators said in a statement the unnamed nanny was from Central Asia and that she was undergoing psychiatric testing to see if she was mentally sound and understood the significance of the crime they said she had committed.
Normally it is not necessary to attach a doctor's certificate but if the testator is old it is better to attach a doctor's certificate to prove that the testator was mentally sound at the time of making the Will.
Obviously, there's a system in place, an early warning system to make sure officers are mentally sound," said Philip H.
Maids should undergo rigid tests in their home countries to ensure they are mentally sound and fit to handle pressures of the job.