mentally unbalanced

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Mark revealed the vicious abuse left him mentally unbalanced.
The notion that protecting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms that are useful for legitimate purposes--such as defense of themselves and their country, hunting, training and competitions--will somehow lead to the wholesale nullification of laws prohibiting criminals or the mentally unbalanced from having guns is simply without basis.
He was fatally wounded when a mentally unbalanced member of the Saudi Royal Household, his nephew, fired three pistol shots at point-blank range during a royal audience.
Within hours of being freed, Mehmet Ali Agca was examined by doctors who declared him mentally unbalanced and exempt from military service, his lawyers said.
As with Hoffmann, Offenbach never had the chance to hear the work as he conceived it, though for very different reasons: a mentally unbalanced tenor diminished the integrity of the Vienna premiere, and the complete score wasn't heard until 2002, when the edition by Keck had its first performances in Montpellier.
He tells the story of a pilgrim who was mentally unbalanced.
He cites the last three generations for negligent parenting and points to leniency and a degradation of family morality as the reasons behind "today's homeless mentally unbalanced drug dependent crack babies unwed mothers welfare dependents abandoned children jail inmates functional illiterates 'ADHD' children and other physically and mentally maladjusted individuals.
Rosen said that the man appeared to be mentally unbalanced.
Most rogue trustees are quite bright and articulate; some are mentally unbalanced.
Dubai Police confirmed the incident saying they covered the man who seemed mentally unbalanced and took him to the psychiatric care ward at Rashid Hospital for assessment.
Currently the Juba prison accommodates prisoners from all ten states of Southern Sudan, hosting 33 condemned, 317 convicted, 50 foreigners, 34 juveniles, 34 people detained as mentally unbalanced and 339 awaiting trial on various allegations including murder.
But her Maltese terrier's inheritance has been cut to pounds 1million after her family claimed she was mentally unbalanced when she wrote her will.