mentally unbalanced

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During the show's fifth season, Bledel had a three-episode arc portraying Beth Dawes, a mentally unbalanced housewife.
"It appears he was mentally unbalanced," Tel Aviv police chief Yoram Ohayon told reporters.
Meanwhile, Sammler's daughter, the mentally unbalanced Shula, has stolen an irreplaceable manuscript about moon exploration from an Indian scientist, Dr.
What we know definitely about him is that he preaches violent jihad against the United States; is connected with al-Qaidi in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP); may have been in communication with the mentally unbalanced Nidal Malik Hasan who went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood; and that he had involvement with the amateurish "underwear bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
When approached for comment, Krasimir Velchev, Chairman of the parliamentary group of GERB, said that he would not like to comment on statements of "mentally unbalanced people"
And NPR hit yet another speed bump when CEO Vivian Schiller said Williams should have kept his feelings between himself and "his psychiatrist or his publicist." That sounded to some like a suggestion that Williams was mentally unbalanced. Schiller later apologized for speaking--guess what?--too hastily.
"This mentally unbalanced man is a war criminal," he said.
1 that Padovese's killer, Murat Altun, was mentally unbalanced when he stabbed the cleric in June.
We called him weirdo and used to say: 'Go on off to your closet, hang upside down and read your book'." Mark revealed the vicious abuse left him mentally unbalanced. He said: "Back then, I didn't want to be there getting picked apart by everyone.
However, a source has revealed that according to the Pakistan side, Lt Murad is slightly " mentally unbalanced".
The notion that protecting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms that are useful for legitimate purposes--such as defense of themselves and their country, hunting, training and competitions--will somehow lead to the wholesale nullification of laws prohibiting criminals or the mentally unbalanced from having guns is simply without basis.