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In his final stage, Freeman tended toward use of QFT to sustain a wholly objectivist account of human mentation. Memory is considered as a set of basins of attraction or alternatively the ground states of QFT; information and knowledge can be construed in terms of information and entropy, a move presaged in physics.
52), suggesting that neither the anthropologist nor the philosopher must reproduce the other's mentation with fidelity, but rather that the generative possibility of combining the two stems from the mismatch between the real and the ideal.
I become much more concerned if signs progress to shallow breathing or generalized weakness, or worse yet, a change in mentation (mental activity and response), or a heart beat or pulse that is hard to find."
Read about one appraiser's experience performing a valuation for a portion of Appalachian Trail while following both the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, which has a higher threshold of research and docu mentation. His challenges were compounded by extreme weather conditions, difficult comparables and the stomach flu.
He understands that the Egyptians knew the occult mathematics of nature, never the unadorned figuration which is palpable to the mentation of the moderns.
The variables like anorexia, cough, conjunctivitis and altered Mentation were significantly associated with poor prognosis (DHF/DSS) as compared to DF cases (p<0.05).
e report points out that we're still in the early stages of the imple mentation of the Foundation Phase and education reforms take time to embed and deliver improvements.
As part of his quest Mr Cun- dall has been working with Canadian--based Geonics Limit- ed, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of practical and reliable electro- magnetic geophysical instru- mentation.
The latest research looked for sleep-time "mentation" - thoughts, essentially - in a small group of very unusual patients.
He was made the incharge of testing and later headed an imple- mentation in Philippines.
The clinical and lab findings which were associated with occurrence of Malaria were travel history (p < 0.0001), presence of splenomegaly (p < 0.0001), jaundice (p < 0.0001) and altered mentation (0.004), thrombocytopenia [p<0.001], AST/ALT elevations [p<0.001],serum bilirubin elevation ['p' <0.001] as frequent occurrence in malaria, as compared with others.[Table.2].
These include, among others, access to the somatic unconscious through implicit memories; access to being in the subconscious state (theta brain waves) while retaining a link (alpha) to the conscious mind (beta); bypassing the conscious mind and its defended ego and persona; a neutral point of view available to the hypnotic ego, relative to the waking ego; powerful "corrective emotional experiences", e.g., in hypnotic age regression the individual discovers, revivifies, and re-empowers the age-regressed ego state that originally split; a "lived through form of active imagination"; access to the altered state necessary as catalyst to receptivity to unconscious imagery; and a dual focus that is generated on both physical sensation and psychical mentation.