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The parts of Tragedy which must be treated as elements of thc whole have been already mentioned. The quantitative parts the separate parts into which it is divided--are here enumerated.]
The medical opinion, sought under the circumstances already mentioned, had now been obtained.
Why, otherwise, had she looked up so eagerly the moment her daughter mentioned the postmark.
If the honour were proposed to me of becoming known to Mr Dorrit's family--I think two daughters were mentioned?--'
'I think,' repeated Mrs General, 'two daughters were mentioned?'
Accidents, miseries, and offences, were never to be mentioned before her.
He mentioned that her ladyship was ready to see Sergeant Cuff--in my presence as before--and he added that he himself wanted to say two words to the Sergeant first.
"Nowadays old friends are not remembered," the countess would say when Boris was mentioned.
She had not mentioned the fact of Will's name being connected with the public story-- this detail not immediately affecting her--and he now heard it for the first time.
She does not know how to hold her tongue, as you must perceive, and I am sure I was in the greatest fright in the world t'other day, when Edward's name was mentioned by Sir John, lest she should out with it all.
Sir Percival Glyde's name is not mentioned, I know--but does that description at all resemble him?"
"Even a cough that he is troubled with is mentioned, if I remember right?"