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Since 1992, it has computed a summary measure designed to assess economic concerns -- the percentage of Americans mentioning an economic issue as the most important problem.
when--he as reported--"deliberately avoided mentioning Jesus or the Trinity out of sensitivity to the others", while allowing the other faiths the freedom to "mention whatever they wanted to mention".
Like the Libertarian Party, members of the Constitution Party scolded us for not mentioning their candidates and party platform.
Anthony Angeoli co-wrote an article in the February Journal of Accountancy, which also featured an article quoting Meloni Hallock and mentioning Susan Waters, Lynette Atchley and Dan Morris; Richard Creagh and Fred Harrison had letters published in that issue .
We did not know the natures and the four elements until our existence here [in this world], much like the one born blind who, if he did not hear people mentioning vision, would not be able to imagine the process of vision by himself and would not be able to recognize colors.