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New Delhi [India], Oct 3 ( ANI ): With the change of guard, newly sworn-in Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi said that he is not going to hear any mentioning from today unless it would be a case of life and death or any other important matter.
Since 1992, it has computed a summary measure designed to assess economic concerns -- the percentage of Americans mentioning an economic issue as the most important problem.
We did not know the natures and the four elements until our existence here [in this world], much like the one born blind who, if he did not hear people mentioning vision, would not be able to imagine the process of vision by himself and would not be able to recognize colors.
`In Jewish tradition forgiveness is part of repentance, recognition of one's guilt, the detailed mentioning of what one has done, the asking for forgiveness, restitution, addressing injustice,' said panellist Rabbi Marc Gopin, who teaches religion and conflict resolution at Tufts University in Boston, USA.
The quantity of articles in major newspapers mentioning the information superhighway dropped sharply to just 1,314.
"Just mentioning the web page address distracted the people from buying directly.
As readers are quick to point out here--as they were in mentioning the perceived communist threat as kids--what's important in the support of country is our nation's guarantee of religious freedom.
He wrote his memoirs at the age of sixty-four, but did not make clear to which age he referred by mentioning 'growing old early'.
This is termed mentioning the words and is contrasted with using them.
The small business executives viewed decreased revenues as their most widespread business concern, with 25% mentioning it as one of their top three financial problems.
These findings represent the highest percentages mentioning this issue since 2013, during the troubled roll out of the ACA.