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The many headed hydra of pestilence, that has been ever present since Chubb started socialising with the other hosts for infectious agents at her playgroup, once again coughed it's mephitic breath in my face this last weekend, and I am only just recovering from the health scare that some unkindly souls refer to as "just a cold".
Emerson had "no great thought or purpose in him," and his work was, in fact, "somehow mephitic.
Damp towels and cloths littered every surface in the bathroom and Lydia gagged at the mephitic stench of the narrow water closet.
He ends the missive by ostentatiously describing his poor health as "stereoraceous, lateritic, phthisic, mephitic, canicular".
They swerved back into Beatles renditions, and PDQ Bach spin-offs, and the mephitic misty-eyed syrup of "Shenandoah.
I]t's a left-wing Disney Land: reckless neo-cons, mephitic corporations, redneck governors, the death penalty, and Muslims being rounded up like, er .
Passages at once grotesque and pastoral present wounded bodies in devastated expanses, mephitic gardens littered with rotting fruit, suffering brides with putrescent wombs, and "bones a sheep skull or two beer cans in the dirt.