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The scent everyone said was mephitic, but we stayed.
Generating ontological havoc, it is mephitic foam upon which our lives merely float.
It should be stressed that Muggeridge's mind, in the days before he reinvented himself as Saint Mugg, remained marked on all social and carnal issues by the most mephitic conventionality.
Long and deep trenches were excavated, and the corpses were covered with lime to not corrupt the air and release mephitic vapors (Instruction XXXII).
It gained its diabolicial reputation from the mephitic carbon dioxide fumes which emanated from its mouth.
According to historic sources, the site was located in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, now called Pamukkale, and the opening was described as filled with lethal mephitic vapors.
Without this ever-stirring activity in its own bosom, without this constant moving and intermingling of its waters, the countless myriads of decaying plants and animals which are daily buried in the vast deep, would soon destroy, by their mephitic vapors, all life upon earth.
To the left side of the image, two naked human bottoms are emitting mephitic puffs, reproducing the noxious breath, or discourse, of the winged monster.
Fetid blood collected in the uterus and decomposed, releasing poisonous vapors that rose through bodily pathways called phlebes, fused with the pneuma in the lungs and brain, and were ultimately exuded through breast milk, the evil eye, mephitic breath, venomous saliva, and even through the openings of the ears.
have to make up our own minds to perish like so many mice in a receiver of mephitic gas ...
The list of possibilities includes all manner of psychoactive, mephitic ingredients clearly presented in a magical, "Nabatean" context.
The many headed hydra of pestilence, that has been ever present since Chubb started socialising with the other hosts for infectious agents at her playgroup, once again coughed it's mephitic breath in my face this last weekend, and I am only just recovering from the health scare that some unkindly souls refer to as "just a cold".