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Relating to trade or commerce; commercial; having to do with the business of buying and selling; relating to merchants.

A mercantile agency is an individual or company in the business of collecting data about the financial status, ability, and credit of individuals who are engaged in business. Once this information is compiled, it is sold by the agency to its customers, who are known as subscribers. Mercantile agencies are known as credit bureaus in current usage.


adjective business, commercial, exchange, financial, fiscal, industrial, market, merchandising, monetary, trade
Associated concepts: mercantile law, mercantile paper
See also: commercial, industrial, retail
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Mark Augustyn, with 19 years of relevant experience and a founding employee of Mercantile Bank of Michigan, will assume the position of West Region president and senior lender.
Mercantile Bank Corporation headquartered in Grand Rapids is the bank holding company for Mercantile Bank of Michigan.
The first is devoted to trawling the bulky canon of early modern English mercantile handbooks and treatises; the second examines the rhetorical production and performance of credit in three city comedies.
Firstar's acquisition eventually necessitates a name change for up to 50 Mercantile bank locations in Arkansas.
Custom Capital rebranded Mercantile Rental Finance, as it offers small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) financing to lease equipment they cannot afford to buy, such as security cameras or a forklift.
Dillard's financial adviser on the Mercantile deal is Morgan Stanley & Co.
Lee claimed that Mercantile refuses to offer mortgages to African-Americans or Latinos.
The New York Mercantile Exchange Charitable Foundation is proud to support the efforts of Big Apple Fest and add to the development of the arts in Lower Manhattan," said Mr.
Board of directors of Mercantile Bank Corporation (NASDAQ: MBWM) has declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of USD0.
Mercantile Bank Corporation (NASDAQ: MBWM) has said that pursuant to final regulatory approval of its merger with Firstbank Corporation (NASDAQ: FBMI), its board of directors has declared a special cash dividend of USD2.
Mercantile Bancorp said that the Florida Office of Financial Regulation has closed the Royal Palm Bank of Florida and the Kansas Office of State Bank Commissioner has closed Heartland Bank, each of which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver for the two banks.