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Indeed, all countries that have gotten rich, including the Great Britain of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, did so while practicing mercantilism.
Indeed, mercantilism conveys that a country must accumulate wealth by limiting imports and increasing exports.
Wu's approach to the topic is more balanced than Viner's Studies in the Theory of International Trade (1937), and his analysis of mercantilism more penetrating than Heckscher's (1955).
In inter-state trade, Mercantilism is an economic philosophy, prompted government's quest for power and wealth.
What matters is that mercantilism was bom just to contrast the bullionist idea.
Dani Rodrik begins the book with a concise history of international trade, its governance, and its intellectual support from mercantilism in the seventeenth century through the Bretton Woods regime.
The left-spinning media apparently does not want to advertise what capitalism has accomplished in spite of the fact that free-market capitalism has been severely crippled over the years by government cronyism, mercantilism, corporatism, socialism, dependency, debt, and regulatory overkill.
The welfare state is a reversion to medieval and post-medieval mercantilism that contains the seeds of its own dissolution by aggrandizing man as producer over man as consumer, intensifying resistance to change, and generating xenophobia, stagnation and decay.
Encouraging the theft of intellectual property, discriminating against foreign tech firms, and manipulating currency are among the practices referred to as innovation mercantilism.
Irwin's Third Edition Free Trade under Fire is a striking proof that mercantilism still rules the minds of people.
His histories of the southern Sahara also shed light on the empires of Ghana, Mall, Timbuktu, the Songhai, and the Sudanic empire of Kanem, showing how each created local perspectives that interacted with Western lust for adventure, mercantilism, and (as ill-conceived as it was) humanitarianism.
Much of what is described as capitalism is a form of mercantilism in which certain economic actors seek and obtain privileges from the state in return for their support.