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So why does the old mercantilist fallacy persist that exports are good and imports are a "drag on the economy" or a "drag on GDP"?
economy than commodity-based, lower-value-added industries--the ITIF developed an advanced technology score based on how egregiously the mercantilist policies affect U.
Indeed, was not the famous lodestar of Iran's economist intelligentsia, South Korea, a savvy mercantilist power during its initial stages of development?
Unlike the mercantilists who viewed money as wealth, Cantillon showed that an increase in the quantity of money had both seemingly beneficial effects as well as dangerous negative effects.
Starting with the mercantilist principles of Adam Smith and the conflict between free trade and the 'notoriously restrictive' Navigation Acts regulating national shipping, it finishes with the internationalism of the truly global, post-regulatory era.
Now they need to be part of the solution and accept that the old model of mercantilist growth is no longer an option.
Brazil, which has tried to be more diplomatic and strategic with its protectionist tactics, at the end of the day is no less mercantilist in its practices.
that "Ankara declared itself against sanctions and a no-fly zone or any kind of military intervention in Libya" because it has a "the mercantilist instinct.
As Innis extended and adapted the logic of mercantilist empires, then the dominant paradigm in Canadian historiography, to explore colonial encounters in the North American interior, Armstrong, Evenden and Nelles have turned habits of mind tuned to regulation, business and resource use to follow the frictions and mutualities of the forming human/nature hydrid in a key Canadian intersection.
Most of the mercantilist policies came about as the result of the relationship between the governments of the nation-states and their mercantile classes (producers and merchants).
The pieces collected here speak of a very different country, a vast expanse of possibilities of which one strand is the ancestrally North European, protectant and mercantilist, whose first language is English.
Observing the dark consequences of deindustrialisation, Hoover had reinvented the old mercantilist theory or population: an industrial state can feed and maintain a far larger population than an agricultural state occupying the same territory.