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The physiocrats exhibited strong criticism toward the mercantilistic economic system of the time, especially the system of taxation.
For better or worse, America has become the global consumer of last resort in an increasingly mercantilistic world.
The Royal Proclamation of 1763 signalled the apparent alliance of King George with Indian nations in the North American interior as well as with the more mercantilistic merchants of Montreal.
Michael Murrin's essay, "Trade and Fortune," consid ers the mercantilistic implications in the struggle between Morgana and Manodante, where traces of the classical myths of the Golden Fleece and of Theseus's adventures in the labyrinth are also present.
While some of the new schools have been created for political reasons, others are simply businesses, "created for mercantilistic reasons, exploiting the student market that exists rather than delivering an alternative to the people," complained Felix Orellana, Romero University's vice rector of humanities.