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Of ancient mercenaries, for example, there are the Carthaginians, who were oppressed by their mercenary soldiers after the first war with the Romans, although the Carthaginians had their own citizens for captains.
And as with these examples I have reached Italy, which has been ruled for many years by mercenaries, I wish to discuss them more seriously, in order that, having seen their rise and progress, one may be better prepared to counteract them.
It is noon, and we and all the people have been waiting patient for many an hour, and the rumour has run round that slippery John has again escaped from the Barons' grasp, and has stolen away from Duncroft Hall with his mercenaries at his heels, and will soon be doing other work than signing charters for his people's liberty.
But as he rises to dismount, he casts one hurried glance from his own French mercenaries drawn up in the rear to the grim ranks of the Barons' men that hem him in.
Baikenbah, a Mexican national, intended to reach al-Amri military base near Bab al-Mandab region with the support of Sudanese mercenaries but was hunted by the Yemeni army and popular forces, al-Ahd news website quoted a military source as saying on Thursday.
The source explained that the army and committees forces managed to foil three attempts by the aggression mercenaries to advance on different areas in Shuraija, noting that the invaders and the mercenaries incurred tens of dead and wounded and a number of their armored and military vehicles were destroyed.
Mercenaries exist as a free market in which each individual sells his or her services directly to the buyer, offering the means of war to anyone who can afford it.
Observer Arben Ratkoceri stressed that the Albanians who were engaged in Kumanovo may have been mercenaries and the same ones who were engaged in the conflict in 2001.
Currently the United States is calling its mercenaries by the term 'private contractors'.
Ansbach, Germany still displays the colors of its regiments deployed during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), and a visitor to this quaint town in Mittelfranken would not depart thinking that the Ansbachers were mercenaries.
Foreign mercenaries The latest agreement crucially requires both sides to immediately withdraw "foreign mercenaries" from the conflict zone in industrial eastern Ukraine.
April 16, 2014 (JUBA) -- The South Sudanese army (SPLA) says it is preparing to launch a major offensive to retake Bentiu, the capital of the oil producing Unity state, calling on foreign mercenaries supporting rebel forces in the area to immediately withdraw.