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Famed italian political theorist NiccolE Machiavelli wrote in his 16th century book, The Prince , that mercenaries have only two potential traits--both of which spells doom for anyone who uses them.
Saudi army with Saudi mercenaries tried many times in vain to advance into Midi in the North of Hajjah province.
It discusses the definition of internet mercenaries and their key attributes, the concepts of ointernet pushing handso and owater army,o and legal gray areas in this type of operation; the practice in the framework of communication and viral marketing and the development of social media in China and new communication applications, especially the microblog; and the history of internet mercenaries in China and key cases.
Katz also commented on use of mercenaries in Syria's conflict.
Indeed, as a group, mercenaries are not readily found among the ranks of the most stable and reliable individuals, and whatever good they allegedly have accomplished must be balanced against the very great misery that they often have promulgated or at least contributed to.
Austen's mercenaries thrive as often as not: the John Dashwoods, Willoughby, Mr.
The NTC source added that the Council ordered these mercenaries to be sent to Benghazi pending the arrest of the rest of polisario's elements in Libya.
This comes as the French news agency APF reported that Libyan revolutionaries had arrested 15 Algerian mercenaries and killed three others in Adjdabya.
In late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century British culture, that figure stood at the intersection of two trajectories: the development and refinement of Enlightenment political economy on the one hand, and on the other a series of wars that raised new questions about the proper roles of militias, auxiliaries, and mercenaries in the British military.
There are tens of thousands of US mercenaries in Iraq.
They are foreign mercenaries -- they are Irish, Hungarians and of course there are no Bolivians.
Big Boy Rules: America's Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq, by Steve Fainaru, Published by Da Capo Press in 2008.