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Nigeria was able to claim credit for its successful offensive against Boko Haram, thanks in large part due to its hired mercenary force using attack helicopters, armored personnel carriers, and block-by-block fighting to beat down the nascent terrorist group.
Killzone: Mercenary is set during the conflict between the planets Helghan and Vekta.
He added that "even under international law where there is a definition, it is not often clear as to which particular person might fit in under the definition particular to mercenary convention or under Geneva Convention.
Since the 1920s, mercenary airmen have been subjects of numerous novels, films, and short stories.
Accordingly, there is no rule by which one can consistently designate mercenary and prudent behaviors in her works.
IN THE PRINCE (1513), NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI SETS OUT PRINCIPLES THAT have ever since grounded opposition to the employment of mercenary and auxiliary troops.
Fainaru focuses largely on Crescent Security, one of the lower-profile companies of the mercenary world in Iraq and a firm that quickly sprang up to take advantage of the tens of millions of dollars to be made.
While she does not offer a ringing endorsement of the mercenary trade, she does regard the norm as "puritanical," as this point of view may be compelling the international community to disregard certain advantages that only mercenary services may offer.
36) Regardless of their pedigree, existing mercenary laws written during the Cold War did not anticipate the modern PMF.
Although interesting, the collection of mercenary stories in the middle three chapters leaves a doubt as to the author's purpose alluded to in the title.
Article 1 defined a mercenary as 'anyone who, not a national of the state against which his actions are directed, is employed, enrols or links himself willingly to a person, group or organization whose aim is: to overthrow a government of an OAU member-state; to undermine its independence, or territorial integrity; or to block the activities of any liberation movement recognized by the OAU'.
You play a mercenary sent into North Korea, fulfilling missions for the Allied Nations, South Korea, the Russian Mafia and China, all the while searching for the whereabouts of the "Deck of 52" North Korean rebel leaders.