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The term 'mercenary' in that era did not have the negative connotations that it now has.
Article 1 defined a mercenary as 'anyone who, not a national of the state against which his actions are directed, is employed, enrols or links himself willingly to a person, group or organization whose aim is: to overthrow a government of an OAU member-state; to undermine its independence, or territorial integrity; or to block the activities of any liberation movement recognized by the OAU'.
Notwithstanding all this, New Zealand has presently before Parliament a Bill to criminalise mercenary activity and to enable New Zealand to ratify the Convention.
It is his contention that the mercenary raids of the so-called Companies of Adventure or free companies were one of the most important reasons for Siena's decline.
In Dhalea, the army killed a mercenary in Damt district.
A mercenary military vehicle was destroyed by the army in the north of Midi desert and those who were abroad were killed.
In the western coast, the army seized several mercenary positions an attacked counties some hours left killing and wounding and seized various weapons.
In also Najran, the mercenary leader Sadam Ahmed Saied al-Soufi al-Salawi was killed by the army fires in al-Boqe'a and destroyed their vehicle near al-Sudais.
A number of military leaders and mercenaries were killed during the attack including adjutant intelligence in major general 19 infantry, fourth battalion commander major general 153 infantry and mercenary leader son Mofrih Bahebah.
In western coast front, ballistic missile force fired Badr-1P on mercenary invaders troops hit its target strictly, killing and injuring dozens, destroying vehicles.
Dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured including leaders in missile shelling, the mercenary Mohammed Abdu-Allah Mohsin al-Abdaly was killed in Asir .
In Marib, Ahmad Mohammad al-Sawady, mercenary's leader in the 4th battalion was killed by the army' s snipers in al-Makdrah crossing in Serwah district.

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