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MERCHANDISE. By this term is understood all those things which merchants sell either wholesale or retail, as dry goods, hardware, groceries, drugs, &c. It is usually applied to personal chattels only, and to those which are not required for food or immediate support, but such as remain after having been used or which are used only by a slow consumption. Vide Pardess. n. 8; Dig. 13, 3, 1; Id. 19, 4, 1; Id. 50, 16, 66. 8 Pet. 277; 2 Story, R. 16, 53, 54; 6 Wend. 335.

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Thus, in his cultivation of a merchandisable public image for Kettering, Barton paid homage to the conventional notion that the way to "humanize" a large and distant corporation was to create a popular, folksy image of its leaders, a technique intermittently applied from the days of Henry Ford down to those of Lee Iacocca.
An additional 10% discount is taken for the remaining merchandisable inventory (reported RMI less minimum base processing inventory) to account for potential basis risk loss on its hedging positions.
The rest of the team members have experience making and marketing toys and telling stories that can be merchandisable.
1 merchandisable category in the store," says Chris Hoyt, president and founder of Hoyt & Co., LLC, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based consumer packaged goods industry consultant.
At the center of it all, the ultimate show-stopper will be the IDDBA's Show & Sell Center, which in the association's words is "an idea-packed, fully themed, merchandisable food showcase filled with actionable ideas that you can photograph, copy, steal, borrow, adapt, improve, etc.