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MERCHANDISE. By this term is understood all those things which merchants sell either wholesale or retail, as dry goods, hardware, groceries, drugs, &c. It is usually applied to personal chattels only, and to those which are not required for food or immediate support, but such as remain after having been used or which are used only by a slow consumption. Vide Pardess. n. 8; Dig. 13, 3, 1; Id. 19, 4, 1; Id. 50, 16, 66. 8 Pet. 277; 2 Story, R. 16, 53, 54; 6 Wend. 335.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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- In addition to this, the retail and the food and beverages industry is seeking for attractive marketing techniques such as setup of displays and sample for promoting the products, which is also fueling the demand for glass door merchandiser.
At Raley's, the concepts for holiday displays are a collaborative effort among advertising, sales and merchandising, Minor says, offering this caveat: "When using mobile merchandisers, arrange your merchandise so it's easily shoppable.
Those just starting out will usually begin their career as an assistant visual merchandiser and could progress to the role of visual merchandising/image controller.
SKILFUL: Creating an attractive shop window is just one of many skills of a visual merchandiser
Many of the merchandisers came from the Oneida ranks as well, so continuity at the store level will be seamless.
In 1985, he led the way to uniting those two organizations to form the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA), as it is known today.
Before signing on for this project, the builder, the architectural consultant, and the interior merchandiser had already worked together to design, build, and market upscale single-family loft homes in Las Vegas--a cooperative effort that replaced the linear approach that is traditionally taken in residential development.
As a result, companies spend valuable time and resources combining projected revenue from merchandisers and actual sales data to update the operational plan.
CAUSE Hungry for a good deal, many people have traded in the customer service they get at specialty stores for "bargains" at mass merchandisers
Coldin[TM], a new series of low-temperature merchandisers, was introduced May 19-22 at the National Restaurant Association Show by Master-Bilt.
From display merchandisers and walk-in coolers and freezers to 10,000 sq.